Friday, December 25, 2009

wow..bad mouth...dammit!

kadang-kadang facebook ni bleh jd satu masalah besar jua bg sy, kitai tul! trutamanya klu EHEM!!! orang tua sy p check2 sna sni, gawd! arggghhh!!! tidakkk!!! grrrrrr....oki sy suka discuss about lot of stuffs, tapi sometimes byk2 bnda yg sy sndri bawa discuss and sy p join mana2 discussion ja, klu tu org tua trbaca ja, byk la dia sruh padam sna sni. Macam ada 1 kes dia ada add sy d facebook tp akhirnya sy remove dia from friend list LOL(BAD KID!! BAD BAD KID!! XD) oki, frankly I'm not close with my old man k, he's so damn strict n yea annoying too who will kick the hell outta me when he's mad! hell yea! well, hot temper like him and cold temper like me is..well not a good combination.

BACK TO tha topic! about why i rmove him from my fl in fb, there's one time that he read my post in facebook which was i talked about someone else(more to discussion) but y'kno that my sentence sometimes have those stuffs like...the 'F' word (y'kno what i mean?) nah! situ lah dia mula!! mula! mula lah dia! wooohoooo!! BOOMM!! oh shit! oh my gawd...PADAM TU!! (skali klu bnda bkan2 kuar dr mulut dia, ok la, pui! ko lah plg manang!)

everyone in that time just look at us in dumbfounded expression.

well, even tho we were like this, that's how we used to live(wtf)...and i don't kno when will this last..only God knows. I still luv him in my own way (awkward way i guess..)

oh shit! dia sdg tgk sy pla! now im dead!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Opinions war!

SUP PEEPS!! v-.^v

Oki today I would like to talk about...GRRRR!!! no time for formal approach!
NOW! I have met a lot of ppl out there which annoyed the hell out of me sometimes for being an asshole who only wanna keep their own opinion(s) to themselves, they DON'T want to hear someone's out and don't respect others opinions, it's like they think they're the mothurfucking perfect know-it-all expert out there who only want ppl to listen to them.

Person A: Hey! do you watch anime? or read manga?

Person B: yea why?

Person A: haha! wtf! those stuffs are only for KIDS!! dumbass!

Person B: Then why is there some old man i saw in tv cosplaying their fav character in anime/manga and watch em?

Person A: BECAUSE they are fucking GAY!!! they have no life! only watch animated tv show which being called anime because they do not have a job and bla3. It's gay and i fucking hate anime and manga, it's only for noob.

Person B: Have you ever watch one?

Person A: no, i only saw it just like that then i hate it. Well i have my own reasons why i hate it.

Person B: You don't feel the plot i guess.

Person A: WHY SHOULD I?! im not gay or a child who wanna watch cartoon like that!

Person B: It's not a typical cartoon where kids like to watch!! It's anime! do you know that anime have lots of genre?

Person A: why do i need to kno that?! it's GAY!

Person B: It has lots of genre, for example; SHOUNEN for young boys(13++), SHOUJO for young girls, SEINEN for more mature boys(18++), JOSEI for more mature girls, ECCHI which has fanservice in it stuffs in it(16++), MECHA(16++), YAOI(18++), YURI(18++).,,etc.

Person A: i told cha i dont need to know all those stuffs! it's tainted!

Person B: YOU SCUMBAG HATER should just DIE!

Me: oki i think the only way is, why don't you person A just keep those remarks to yourself and ur allies, same goes to the person B, just talk ur interest with others who have the same interest with you. The best thing to do is WHY DON'T YOU GUYS RESPECT OTHERS OPINION!

It's not like it's going to kill you or whatsoever, wtf? there's nothing wrong with loving animemanga stuffs, and there's nothing wrong with hating it too, it just that you guys need to respect others opinion, simple as that.

BUT! about racism...I WON'T RESPECT such thing as racism, because of it, racial segregation exist, racial extinction exist, even in world war and nobody like it, even to 1st party person, 2nd party person and 3rd party person. you want those?

YES? or NO?
just keep it to yourself.

Same goes when ppl discuss about certain movies, religion, politic and stuffs they like & don't, well at least if you don't like it, pls use decent words where both side(the do & don't like) can accept. Or should i say, be open minded when discussing bout something. Gawd, simple as that? no? yes? ur opinion.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

im pissed off..

GRRRRRRR.....this is why sometimes i hate facebook! even it's not its fault!

It just that those ppl in there, i mean ppl who added you/me in their friend list.

owh gratz, i don't talk any shit about you but..emm..why me huh?
BOLEH KO DIAM!!!!!!! grrrrrrr

yeah you may think it's fun to put it in ur conversation between ur friends which is close to you? hah! yeah right it's fun..

I don't have any grudge on ya, I don't really kno you, you're also in the same shoe here pal, yea you don't kno me too.

So why don't you just fuck it off? FUCK OFF! want me to reply those 2 simple words again? hahaha! you may read this anyway.

Sorry 4 being rude, it just that I'm so pissed when someone who don't understand and rly know about me talk shitty stuffs behind my back.

I'm sick of this.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Being imperfect is FUN?


Yup, you can see there right? my blog title?

Some ppl don't understand it at first. They will think like; what I'm goin to do now is just keep myself like this? =o
keep myself imperfect?

-AAH! budu pnya title, it's like you teaching ppl being a noob forever.

-WTH is that suppose to mean?

You know what, these ppl who ask me these noob questions are the noob. gawd..
Like I've told cha in the title itself, being imperfect is fun because it makes your life more adventurous! yeas! and in your life venture there will lot of quests you will encounter and need to complete it, cuz that's your liability. YES? NO?
and after you've perfected your quests, that's make you a perfectionist XD

BUT! It doesn't matter if you can't complete all the quests, It's the same thing like; if you encounter someone's death, can you bring that person to life? HELL NO! only God can do that, that's because we ain't perfect.

Do you kno how perfect ppl live their life? perfect ppl is ppl who don't feel pain, who don't feel hunger, WHO DON'T FEEL SLEEPY EITHER, just stay awake. Well that sux, if i can't feel hunger, I don't need to eat yummy foods anymore, i won't feel any good with that ;'{

We all kno that in our life in this worldly world have so much QUESTIONs, but only a few ANSWERs. Those questions are our quests in our adventure life, that's what I mean in my blog title, ermmm...what tha hell is that?

Being Imperfect is Fun
that's what makes ya a perfectionist!

Being imperfect is more real than being perfect. Champions are not "afraid'

Your imperfect life teach you how to be mature with your surrounding. That what makes us human. =]

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A lil stuffs about me

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huahaha! the last part seems to be a contrast to all of the above it! OW well I don't expect any comfort anyway.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Nobody ever see I'm mad before, especially my friends. That is my weakness...i got anger management problem, who easily gets blow up and goes berserk.

I used to involve myself in a fight before. Actually, I don't really like fighting, if i still can get away with it, I will try my best to avoid any of it, not only avoid it but also try to find any solutions to cease it. if I can't..why not? Just PUNCH la.

Now I'm a passive anger type of a person. I don't blow outward like old times but instead inward which is much difficult to know whether i'm angry or not at that time, im just gonna give you a smile painted on my face while clenching my fist and teeth. (but my face is readable haha)'s confusing you know; i got excited, then something triggering me and goes BOOMM!! WADDAFUCK JUST HAPPENED?? i don't get why im mad? i don't get why i'm happy at the fucking same time as well??

Sometimes i just go talk to myself or find peace from being in solitude or smoke or go for a drink (yes i'm a smoker and an alcoholic) to calm myself.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Came home..and then..start nagging...WTF

Owh yeah, me sometimes can't take it but i have to take it, but you know what...THIS IS LIFE!! These are some of the stuffs that play in my mind about my parents:

-Woops! since when you changed your hair style? I almost don't recognize you^^

-owh man...the house's peacefulness have been ruined by their nagging. huhu

-you guys left home at 6am and get back home at around 10pm-2am..nice..

-sometimes i hate you guys, sometimes i like you guys, sometimes..indifferent..

-Every time I try to understand them, it makes me go even farther from them.

-But don't worry I'll try to come back even nearer to you guys^^

-Even it felt weird the hell outta me..emmm...*shudder*

-Yeah.I don't really close with my parents. sad..


-I still love you guys.

-In indirect way.

-because that's my way.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

stupid question gets stupid answer

YO! sup there peeps!

Oki a week ago, i went to camping on 19th till 25th November 2009 at Cawangan BSMM Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Well, i was bored at home, always being nagging around X TENTU PASAL by my old peeps at home. Actually, they want me to go back to..well, my village?

WANNA what?! jaga anjing ko?!(take care of your dogs?!) FUCK OFF!
just because you guys go traveling to around China and ya old men(granpa & grandma) left your dogs there for a week(20th-28th Nov)and telling me to take care of em? oki, 1st i have class, 2nd thing is, i also join a camp, i have 2 jobs to do here in around KK, and that village is somewhere 60KM from my hometown lol.

I always being ask to do something that is irrational stuffs by those two old men, but even i told them nicely, "i have class and camp..(well something like that)"

They will replied me by saying, "Jan ko peduli pasal e2 bha, ko tidak kesian sama kami yg uda tua ni ka?" (can you please look on us, your old men first? and don't care about those class and camping thingy too much?)

I'm feeling guilty, mad & the same time, actually, they're still strong but selfish(you will know how i feel if you're me).

Well, looks like my lil bros are just back from their boarding school in MRSM, hehehoho! this is my opportunity to go to camp! and attend my class. hikhik^^

So now, my old men(grandpa & grandma) went to China, and my lil bros went to the old men's house just to take care of the dogs and stuffs there.

Then...the phone is ringing...

Lil bros: We wanna eat chicken, can ya guys bring it here?

Me: gawd...there's too many chicken in the damn COOP!

Lil bros: how?..

Me: want me to go there just to get you a chicken?

Lil bros: emmm...what do you think?

Me: ...when I'm there I,m sure gonna stomp ya on the face before i tell ya what to do.

Lil bros: we're hungry..

Me: just stomp on a damn chicken and eat it!

Me: oki, just go to the coop, and snatch a chicken, decapitate its head and ya will kno what to do next.

Lil bros: we're scare..decapitate the chicken..

Me: then strangling it till it is DEAD!

Lil Bros: that's cruel!

Me: then eat the damn dog! you wont have the fucking chicken if you act like one.

Lil bros: We want chicken!

Me: stop acting like a mothafucking baby! go get a chicken and kill it!

Lil bros: okay2, we will.

Me: oki,.....

Me: owh gratz...after you done decapitate its you know how to clean its inner body parts? like the stomach?

Lil bros: I think we should forget it, forget bout having a chicken tonight. T_T

Me: @!#@%^&I*(&^%$#@DFGHYUI*&^YRFAS@#@#$

ME: jadi lepas ko putung kapala tu manuk! tu bdan dia ko buang dan masak itu kpala dia ja? budu..BWAHAHA!!

(Ohohoho I'm so evulz)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did I smell cliche ?

What the hell i mean here?
oki the story is like this, last month ago (October), me and my former high school friends were planning to go for a movie on the next month which is now!(November)

What tha hell we wanna watch anyway?

of course~ the new movie called 2012..YEAH!

I don't kno what might happen but i do know it's going to be a d-day theme like movie.

Well, since my class finished early today (12/Nov/2009), so my friend, Suzanne ask some of us to go for a movie, well of course! I'm so wanna watch movie today! since I'm so boring at that moment(maybe because me don't wanna go back home early >.>).
so everyone agree.

So yeah we did, we watched the movie, and yeah, that movie is awesome! so thrill! me like it! Tha video effects are just WOW! BUT at the same reminds me of some movies like 'Day after tomorrow' and 'The core'.

I think I like this movie(D.A.T) better^^

I don't know but, after a while in the cinema..I started to feel boring, the plot always remind me about these two other movies, everywhere and everything are disaster, people dying and blablabla, well yea i know, the world is goin down!!~~ well yea it's apocalypse duh!

Even disaster happens everywhere in that movie, that's what actually makes the movie so thrill, people panicking and then die, owh shit! too bad for ya mate ;p
Anyway, the movie is much of a mediocre only in my opinion, actually I expect more from the movie like blood and gore and more hardcore plot yeah! buahaha!!

Well anyway, this movie is more to family movie..I mean everyone can watch it, either kids or grown-ups or both, but ya know what, i still love this movie anyway, even though i smell a lot of cliches around that movie.

Peace out~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gawd owh gawd!~~

Gawd owh gawd....I'm just a normal human oki? why i write all this kinda stuffs in my blog anyway? it's all based on my true feelings and experienced. Different people different personality? opinion? mindset? variety?...oki here goes, JUST BE YOURSELF! simple and clear.

People always whining that this 'person' or this 'people' don't wanna follow what they want em to be, it's because...well they're different.
They're no machine, they're HUMAN like you, well at least you can change SOME people, just be grateful of what you did oki, don't be too possessive and demanding.

I respect you in return you topple me down? So don't get mad if i topple you down back, i will give ya back what you did to me but i still always think 1st before i do something stupid cuz you know what it means by 'what comes around goes around' right heh?

So yeah, you and me, all the other people around you are the same; HUMAN, imperfect, different in variety, skills, styles, strength and weakness. That just makes us more colorful in what we can and can't do, that's why we learn to share, share your lifestyle and stuffs. Sharing is caring.

-peace out-

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Malaysian stereotype! (West/Peninsular Malaysia <.> Borneo) XD

INGAT! jangan cepat senang melatah lepas baca semua ini. If you can't stand any remarks that may sound offensive better press 'ALT + F4' now. Remember this is an old post. So it means this happened in the past and it's all just part of the history.

I don't wanna sound bad here, but some Malaysian from the peninsular(west Malaysia) always like to ask me this kinda questions before (i don't know about now), maybe some of you people from Borneo too i dont kno but maybe... even my other friends share the same experience when they were at the peninsular, the west Malaysian might first ask you---------

"Wh3Re aRe YoU fRoM??"

You kno what, i got this question like i don't kno how many times already but gets annoying when you answering the same answer all over and over again, and sometimes they prolong this situation, lots more questions followed after that, and usually sound don't make sense anymore O__o"

Usually i got this question from the internet, especially from ONLINE GAMES, for example: ragnarok on9, last chaos on9 malay ver (i also play USA ver.), cabal on9, RAN...etc. Also, I've been there before for holiday. It's better if you go to the peninsular Malaysia yourself, you will experience it...well keep reading...

oki, here are SOME of the questions being asked from our friends there...and when i have had it, i just answer them with the super duper high demented intelligent way of thinking.

W.Malaysian: where are you from?

me: ummm..I'm from Sabah.

W.Malaysian: ow i see, where is that?

me: The island we call Borneo the east Malaysia.

W.Malaysian: owh..i know now, but i thought you people were still live on trees??

me: OW yea we are!

me: we used to climb the trees to where our house is, but this time we have elevators to go up there, we also used to swing from branch to branches if we wanna visit our neighbors from other trees, but this time we also have bridges up there, but we still used the traditional ways, it's more fun =p

W.Malaysian:...... so umm, how can you guys go to West Malaysia?

me: Well of course we will go there, by SWIM through the south China sea^^ it's not that hard, all of us doing it, this habit has been passed down since our ancestors^^ it's not even far anyway, it just 700+ miles somethin.

W.Malaysian: how the hell you can get online from TREESSS???

me: owh that, actually we got no internet here, we just created a wireless modem from trees! check it out it's kewl!

W.Malaysian: owh..i also heard that..well i dont kno but do you people still cut people's head off?

me: YEAAASS!! you wanna see the picture of my granpa decapitate someone's head off?

W.Malaysian: much things have changed since you guys heard of us?


WELL, there were lots of noobish questions i got from SOME of em there, i will say once more, NOT ALL of em were like that, but there will SOME of em will ask this kinda questions, even a taxi driver i met from the peninsular said "Sabah is not Malaysia." owh WTF?! HAHA!! i dont know when will this lasted, only God knows.

So my msg to Malaysians that didnt know about Malaysia, go to bookstores or at least nearby gas stations and buy a map of Malaysia, it worth every ringgits of yours if it educates you about ur own country :p

As far as stereotyping goes, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. One idiot decides it would be fun to start it, and the rest follows. There’s only one problem


generalization is never a good idea and most of the time, there’s no basis in these accusations. It’s like expecting all the children to look identical because they came from the same womb. Take note that I do not in any way believe or support these stereotypes.

me: so how bout Brunei then? do you know where is that^^ just dont starts bringing the globe everywhere trying to find Brunei^^

Sequel post:

Monday, October 19, 2009

My dumb high school days

The year is on 2005~~

Ummm, we had this practical teacher who really likes to talk shizz about this particular groups in our classroom...and guess wat?! I'm one of em, wtfwtfwtf?!! since we're so loud in the damn boring classroom, so?! why don't we..yea! bright it up?!

Me and some of my friends in the same classmate, consist of 3 boys and 3 girls including me doing an investigation about a rumor that 1 of our mate in our group has joined a gangster group somewhere in Tobobon region, owh no owh no! that is bad ppl, THAT is BADASS =D !! we should help her =O
It's time to go to tha suspected place! Taman Tobobon, a residental area in Tobobon region. Our friend's name is Shahana(i wont tell her full name).

1st, we went to a an old obsolete house, we assume that this old house(more like a shack) used to be their gathering place, since some of our friends who live in that area often saw a bunch of black clothes people walking around here(lepak?), including Shahana! So we're just bum in and check it out~~

"owh..what tha hell is this?", I felt somethin under my slipper, somethin sleeky, somethin plastic-like.

"We just got a rare treasure here!!", One of my friends named Ebben said.

The other 4 watched me, then i picked it up that so-called rare treasure. Everyone started to laugh hysterically, rolling on the floor laughing their ass off like they were being possessed by some kinda demon babe, it was more than a shriek than laughing. I don't kno wat the hell is wrong with em until i see it myself...well it's a condom.We're kids anyway, still a 14 years old rascals at that time.