Sunday, May 30, 2010

Twilight Review!! XD

lol...baru skarang mo buat review sedangkan movie ni dah lama out dulu~~ tp masih belum tua lg sbb ada lagi sequel dia slepas New Moon.

I'm gonna make review for both Twilight and Twilight New Moon movie.

I have just finished watching this movie last week, my friend who is a twilight fan gave me a pen-drive which has this movie the last two weeks. So now here's my review...I will give a very honest review, so to those who are Twilight fans out there will be warned cuz you might get offend if you take it too seriously.


owwhh~ how i luv the graphic! it's so amazingly gorgeous! beautiful i would say! With all the twilight atmosphere, the forest, and even the rainy scene. I have a refreshing mood after seeing all that~ I love it. ^^
Camera angle is ok, even though i havta bend my head to get the right angle sometime.


I would say it has a slow pace plot line, firstly Bella is being introduced and some of her family issues, then go to somewhere else with her dad and stay there, meet Jacob and his granpa, go to a new school, meet new friends which will then just being a designated characters to fill the background scene, meet the Jerk-ass pretty boy Edward SMOKE! Edward is a pretty boy VAMPIRE! who has lived for 108+ years. Not that I surprise, but this is where it got interesting!

I want to see some violence and fortunately they do shown it. In New Moon, the werewolf is being introduced and Jacob Black is one of them. Bella being all emo about Edward leaving her and such.

Ok, I find the story a lil bit BORING, maybe because of the dull character portrayal in it. I will explain it after this.


Most of the characters are very HAWT! beautiful, gorgeous, good-looking, and cute. Even the villain character looks good, yea look wise is not enough if their characteristic is dull i would say.

Edward, I would say he's an official boyfriend for Bella! at first he's a goddam stalker! Even though he shows shallow love interest unlike his other vampire mates, but not to Bella because Bella is...err? He can't read her mind? huh...o.o
Being too emotional over an ordinary girl named Bella since she smells good and not afraid of vampire.
He can't kill himself, unless he goes to Volturi, a place where a bunch of vampires in 'red riding hood' in New Moon (wait, are there vampire in that red riding hood? or juz plain human?) and he almost did that(which almost caused him being a tragic hero like in the Romeo and Juliet story)
Man..this type of character is too common in shojo type AnimeManga, he's quite boring sometime.

Bella, owh shit! everyone loves you! Your friends, your lover, the evil vampires, the Cullen ghetto, the werewolves ghetto and why the hell none of the vampire's special power works on you?..what the...Congratz Bella! You have just attracts the attention of a vampire who hadn't had a sexual thought in a century. lol
Such a low self-esteem character, selfish, always depressed beyond the impossible.
Seriously, this type of character is extremely annoying. Only care for her own self-satisfaction, sociopathic amusement enough? or should i say MARY-SUE too much? I hope the author notes that.

I find Alice quite an interesting character, she's cool and speak blatantly.
"ooohh~ she does smells good~" She said to Bella.

and here's my thought after that, "DAMN! I'M gonna rip off your fucking neck and suck you goddam BLOOD to tha fullest!! wuahahaha!!"

Just kidding.

Jacob black, he's ok at first until he turns into a werewolf when trying to save Bella from the other werewolf. wow! *intense explode* ...ok
His hot-blooded personality is his weakness, his strength is his caring attitude, and what's annoyed me is he's too nice towards Bella, and then fall in love with her just like that, you weak dude! Why don't you try to change that girl into a strong person...mmmm

I tried to understand all of the characters' motive, why the hell they are there in the first place? Why are they exist in the story? For what actually? Of course to make the story more interesting! Even though I said that Edward is sometime BORING but it doesn't mean that he's boring ALL THE DAMN TIME. Bella, you're annoying all the damn time, but interesting at the same time. It's ok cuz there is still hope for character development in Twilight Eclipse for the Twilight movie sequal. I can't wait for that. ^^

So overall, the story is all about fluctuated emotion, sometime it went too far until I find it quite annoying and dull and not balance and..and..ok. Some of the adults are quite useless, the police..useless! Except Carlisle Cullen.

So I would give it 6.5 out of 10.

whooa oh~

Finally! bulan ni dah masuk semester 4~


Communication skill 3 dah siap! finished! habis!

whooa oh~

No more blog assessment! wahahaha

skang baru dapat tulis guna bahasa Melayu~ ^^

well, it's better if I use dwibahasa. >_>

Lagu kat pun dah tukar pegi lagu yg bleh buat aku naik hyper.
But still sy lebih mengutamakan bahasa English dalam blog nie, cuz not everyone can understand Malay since I have friends who are not from Malaysia and read this blog.
Jadi kena considerate to others la bah kan....mmm

Yesterday me and two of my friends went to 1Borneo, buat pa kat sana? skandalisme.


Pikir mo pegi tengok wayang kemarin, but unfortunately dua ekor munyit ni hanya bawa ntah brapa ringgit ja kat dalam poket celana dorang, 10 ringgit??! WTF
Pastu pandai2 kata mo p tengok wayang la, makan di pizza hut la, main bumper car la, pegi karaoke la, main bowling la...and actually we DID (kecuali pegi tgk wayang la)
All because of my goddam money yang tlah dikumpul sepanjang semester 3 ni.


owh well, at least we all having fun kemarin. Time main bowling tu la paling manang! Ibu jari kawan aku sorang ni, Carolina Liew tersangkut kat lubang bola bowling tu. Owh shit! that's gotta be hurt~


Tapi dengan semangatnya dia tetap ingin teruskan aksi yang sama, maksud sy dia masih ingin gunakan bola bowling yang lubang dia sempit gila bangat hnya ingin tunjuk keren depan kami kat situ pada masa itu. wha-t?

Ibu jari sy sendiri pun tak muat, apatah lagi jari dia yang lebih besar dari saya.

Owh well, it's because many balls there are heavy except the one that she's using at that moment.

Akhirnya, duit sy hanya tinggal 1 ringgit sja lagi.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It will just be a piece of meaningless word.

(cont.) if you never try to understand it


I just have a couple of words to put in this entry, it's simple~ where people usually tend to make a blind about it, or in other word; Absent-Minded and Single-Minded.

What is it?

You always keep a lot of thoughts inside your head and chained your feeling in your heart. One day you find it hard to keep it for yourself,

You want someone to hear you out, you need a good listener or someone to care for you

But you can't seem to find one.

Don't worry, keep hoping for that

Don't give up yet

Until now you can't seem to find that kinda person

Or there's nobody want to be that kind of person anymore? Since everyone is also like you. Wanting others to care for them too, or maybe you're just too SELFISH?



Why don't you make the first move?

When will we start being that kind of a person that everyone hoping for?

Why don't we learn how to be more considerate to others?

So there will be many hopes can be saved

Things will just get complicated if people put their ego as their first priority.

Quit thinking too much about your own self-satisfaction only.

Humans are a complex being, it's not something that you can judge easily.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


9.30 - 10.00 a.m (somewhere around that time... <__<)

I was having my breakfast at that time,

my dad was surfing the internet,

I was watching him curiously,

well not really~ since i have nothing to do at that moment aside from chewing my bread, so why not 'watching him curiously'


I'm about to take a sip on my milk tea. Suddenly, that ol'man click on something in his email mail and shows something....




What makes it more interesting, i mean disturbing is...that figure in the picture is moving. (start imagine how it moves)

Dang! I'm really about to spit my milk tea out of my mouth just then, but I didn't.
Instead it went into my lungs. *cough*

Lambat-lambat lagi tu org tua tutup tu benda tadi...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm not actually a drinker you see, I mean drink alcohol beverage, it's because I don't like it; the taste and the smell suxx! I can't stand it! Even though there are some alcohol beverages that smell and taste good.


But in this dum..b tradition of my people/race, when the elder give you that kinda drink you must accept it without any hesitation. This actually happen when at family gathering, party and stuff like that.

I usually reject it. Then that's where some drama start; saying that I'm not part of them lah, not part of the people, not part of the blood race..gitu bha...(inilah kadang2 org tua2 ni btl2 buat sy..GRRRR!!)

Sometime I just drink it. haha! (even though I'm still under age at that time..)


Friday, May 7, 2010

3rd semester is so finished~^^~

"I'm just so freaking happy!! I wanna tell the world I just finished my exam!! TIME FOR HAVING FUN!!!!!♥" Said Suzanne Tham.


Well me too XD

I'm a bit disappointed today after I got my final result for FCC(food cost control) subject, Arrghh...I hate MATH! hey what about it ;O

auww mann...I've tried so hard, I've study so hard but I only got 'B1'...errggh...I need 4% more so I can get A.

Owh well, I'm gonna try harder again in the next semester of this course. I really love this course that I'm in right now, just now I have enough strength and will to study, not like my high school day..what the =.="
(cuz i don't know what I wannabe at that moment..>_>")

By the way, I'm in onemanga/mangafox mode right now. Yeah! i love manga, but i don't really like the adaptation of some manga into anime =/


Monday, May 3, 2010

Water pipe?

Mmmm... o__O

Seriously, I can't wait for holiday right now >_<

It has been two weeks now since our bathroom got no water, i mean there's something wrong with the water pipe since there are lots of constructions going on in that area.

BUT not the kitchen, so we havta take the water out from the kitchen pipe.

mannn....that's troublesome.

There was one time when my dad went to the bathroom without knowing there's something wrong with the pipe. Then, he havta take a bath behind the house. Yep! there's a pipe there. Can you imagine that?

Me also have my stupid moment. I was about to..well you know! about to throw some shits out of mah ass! and I forgot that there's no water in there also =.="

I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!!" in there at that moment.

My dad was like, "this kid's going crazay..haha"

Owh, what the..F