Thursday, April 29, 2010

That CAT is so...~~ XD

There was once upon a night that is, MMMMMM...

Oki the story is like this!

At 9.30p.m. something.

My dad has just got out from the bathroom, without his clothes on, well of course with a towel on.

Then a cat gets into the house, and now it's in the house.

Me as usual, is in facebooking and youtube mode.

My mom, just got home from her work place.

This is where it all start.

My dad is holding an apple he got from the fridge. While eating it, that cat of mine looking at him begging for pity so it can get a taste of an apple. Well of course, CAT can't eat apple!

My dad knew that so he told the cat to 'ShU-ShU' while swinging his hand the one with an apple to the cat.

That cat was like, "woooohooo~~ is that a FISH on your hand?! <3 "

Then friggingly suddenly, that cat jumps onto my dad's body, anyone would freak out if that happens.

That ol'man was like, "oooiiiWAWwawawaaa!!"

*push the cat off from his body*

Me was like, "oi pop what are you guys doing owh...?" *looks at them*


That cat just took off my dad's towel from his body, my mom was rolling on the sofa laughing out loud.

That cat really made my night, lolz

What a naughty cat~ XD


Last night...

Last night,....mmmm...what about it?

I'm bored.
I don't have any mood to do revision for my final exam.
Damn! I'm procrastinating!
Feel a lil down...errgh

FUCK! enough of this bullshit moments!

Oki, last night our HTM(Hospitality & Tourism Management) subject lecturer has just showed us our final result of that subject...and owh! Me only got A3..though I'm happy with it, but my mood last night is pretty fucked up, maybe because i was being lectured again by my dad when I'm studying at that time..errrghh...Sometime it makes me really wanna say this,

"DAMMIT! I'm a fucking 18 years old kid for fuck sake! stop lecturing me like im still an 8 years old brat for a while! especially when I'm studying!"

But I just kept it to myself, better just shut my fuck up and stop studying for a while or else all those papers and other stationery will fly to his face.

Not enough with that, i saw one of my friends' status in facebook, state something that makes me really wanna throw shit in it, and i did. Maybe it's because of my fucked up mood....and i don't seem to like that person anyway, since after the day she used and back-stabbed me just to cover herself, but i've forgave her, but she doesn't seem to learn from that old mistake, still the same old ego with stupidity and envy towards her own friend.

I already told her to go and read this post, but she answer me like, "what are you talking about? i dont understand you."

Owh well, i don't want to meddle in until that time comes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grow up!! Dammit!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you see these two parties with different opinion, different intelligence(sometimes equally the SAME!) and with the same stupid arrogant attitude fighting each other?

and both of them were my friends..=.="

Sometimes i find them very annoying and dumb as fuck, fuck you? owh fuck? how many 'F' words i've just stated?

They were mad! mad! bullshit boastfully with lots of bullshits!

Sometimes it's fun to watch their stupidity though, even i'm one of their friends...
BUT it's not like i'm going to leave them just like that.
You see, it's hard to think of any way of solving the problem when they're in that kind of situation, they were too busy feeding their anger and pride, and keep on fighting until one of them are going down! There are no more 'both parties WIN situation'.

When someone is run out of idea what is to bullshit next, sometimes they will twist some stuffs and making lotsa story, just to please themselves while topple the opposition as low as possible, from a small matter turns into a big commotion! what the fuck!

As a friend, sometimes i have to meddle into such commotion as a neutral side party just to stop them from keep on, even though they don't and wont like it. Hey! just because i'm not with the same 'study place' with you guys anymore, it doesn't mean that i don't care about you guys anymore. Dammit!

There's nothing to be proud of if you guys are such an arrogant motherfucker with such low intelligence and simple minded.

HEY! Grow up!! Dammit!

and im talking this to myself as well.

Monday, April 26, 2010

So what the FUCK?!

I think I'm annoyed too much when someone labeling me as, satan worshiper? just because i listen to metal song? WHAT THE FUCK is that?!!!

STUPID! DUMB! IDIOT! generalization of all time in my life, satan worshiper? You've gotta be shitting on me! That is too SUPERFICIAL statement!

You see, I listen to almost all kinds of song, from pop to rock to ballad to orchestra to hip hop to metal. Do you know that every general genre that I've listed down has more subgenre in it? Like for example Hip hop genre, it has R&B, trip hop, alternative hip hop, funk music, ambiance, trance and so on as its SUBGENRE music!

Some hip hop artist and fan don't like the sound of some subgenre music, so that's why the sound from this genre and subgenre keep evolving and being experimented with some other genre or/and subgenre, for example Rapcore (hip hop with fusion of hardcore punk and rap rock), how many genre and subgenre does it has there?

Now, it's the same thing like METAL song! Not all metal sound the same! not everything is about satanism and blablabla! WHAT THE FUCK!

Then when I asked, "have you ever listen to some of it?"

Of course they have listen to it just like that~~
and of course they don't like it, Because it's not something that they used to~~
so like i would care if you like it or not but labeling people who listen to that kind of music as satan worshiper? Wow lol! your stupidity makes me laugh.
Stupid stereotype ever.

Not because I listen to it just to makes me look cool or anything which poser would think of.
NO I listen to it because I like it, so what's the problem with that? You don't like it because it's not something that you used to listen, so don't listen to it and BULLSHITTING about those people who listen to it. Isn't that easy.

I got TAGGED! again XD

Thanks ANYS.


- BOLD the statements that ARE true to you
- ITALICIZE the statements that you WISH were true.
- Leave the fibs alone.
- Then, tag 6 people to do the same test

170cm tall
• I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends. (yea SOME of them..)
• I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
I can drive
• I’m bored of driving
• I love dancing
• I go clubbing every week
• Shopping is bullshit
• I have a tattoo of a star.
• I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs. (including myself..LOL! there's nothing to be proud of. By the way, i've quit long time ago)
• 90% of my friends smoke.
• I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty
• I’m studying Fashion
I have a business running
• I hate cartoons.
• I hate someone.
• I have 10 Lollipops handbags
• I buy CLEO every month
My parents don’t know about my blog.
• I have an iPod
• I don’t have faith in the current “one”.
My school mates know about my FB
• I wanted to be a fashion designer
• I love rock emo bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups
My parents have faith in me
I’ve bought shoes this month
• A blogger bitched about me before
• I hate sports
• I hate Italian food
• I hate meeting new people
• I hate nail polish
• The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me
• High school was the worst time of my life
• I have red hair
I’m a guy.
• I’m scared of my Biology result exam which I’m going to face someday tomorrow.
• I hate vacations
• We’ll last
I believe in long distance relationships
• I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
• I’ve robbed an old lady.
• I’m starting to like applying make-up
I was a tomboy.
At times I think I still am a tomboy.
• I love bitching about people behind their backs
I still have a best friend
I have a cat
• I hate surprise parties.
• I hate planning parties.
I’m hot.
I’m a sinner.
• I’ve got a DS light
I cant live without music
• Video games are a waste of time.
• I miss the father bear.
• I love being in love
I know how to cook.
• Boys are assholes.
• I hate Math.
I'm happy with what I have.
I love horror films
• I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream The Mask when I was a kid
My old friends keep in touch with me
• I don’t read newspapers
• The news is such a waste of time
• Blogging is a waste of time
• I hate animals
• I can’t live without make-up
I curse like a pirate.
• I’m happy with my 11 year old car
• I hate people that are smart
• I love Orange juice
• I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity
I’ve got a new phone
• I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month
• I love swimming
• I haven’t worked out since March (SINCE FOREVER)
• I think I’m fat
I love my friends and family.

I tag Suzanne, Addy, Lo Victor, Eyntan, Mikee, and chessa.

Huh? are you mad?

I don't get it why some of my friends find me scary, and then they quickly apologies...for what actually?

Someone ask, "Are you angry?"

My answer would be like, "No I'm not"

I'm not actually a hot temper person who easily gets angry (If the old me, YES I'm), but now, no.


I'm easily annoyed, and I'm not easily angry for small matter.

When someone annoyed the fuck outta me, that's where i start make them look as low as possible...well sometimes, i can be quite an evil person. Don't fuck with me, im just being me. So what's the problem?

Eeekkkk!!~~ enough of this! >__<
(back to normal naive n up-beat kid mode)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Sometimes people, even my own friends and my *cough* parents find me very suspicious, weird, confusing, and scary. Especially when I started making this >;-] <--------FACE.

or this ^_^

in real world laa, not in a 'wired' world.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Booyaah! XD

Did I told you guys about how the hell my mobile phone went missing out of the blue from only within the house? Then my dad said that my cat is the one who stole it, and then what's next?'s gone forever.

Don't know? click this LINK.

Then it's my dad turns, his wristwatch also gone out of the blue in the same way like my mobile phone, and then he ask me where the hell his wristwatch went missing to and blablabla...

Then i answered him, "I think a dog has stole it!"

Then we heard the dogs from next door start barking like like...they saw something that human usually can't see. (or maybe they were just playing with my dad's wristwatch after they stole it..)

Then the both of us (my dad and me) look at each other.

Booyyaah!! GOTCHA ol'man! XD

Monday, April 19, 2010

I've just got tagged~

1. Link and thank the person (s) who awarded you.
2. State 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this to 15 bloggers

1. Thanks ANYS~~ XD

7 things about MEEY?


1). Me like to SMILE, usually with a frown eyebrow ^_^
Even at that time I'm very mad or moody, me still doing it, it helps me to cool down faster. People around me, and mah friends hardly to see me getting angry or sad. Until one time they start thinking that I'm a cold-hearted person.

2). Actually the fact that me being a cold-hearted person is kinda true...another fact about me is, I dislike showing sympathy to others, I also dislike people being pity on me. I think it's a waste of time if you just showing sympathy blindly. Like when you showing sympathy towards the disable people, have you ever think that will make them look 'LOW'? don't know? have you ever ask them? yea i do.

There's one time I'm on my way going back home, I saw this one ol'man sitting on the sidewalk, hes a beggar, but he knows how to play violin very effing good! But seems like no one there to listen to his playing, so I walk towards him and give him some 30 Malaysian dollar, some of the pedestrian look at me and think that I'm a good kid after I done that, then that ol'man thanked me and I replied,

"not at all, I won't do that if you ain't got anything to show me, I only pay you because I want you to play me one music *insert smiley face here*"

3). I love to be alone~ but I NEVER think that im lonely~ since the fact that im an introverted person. There's nothing to be proud of, I just can't stand myself in the crowd, if im in that kind of situation, i will started to make serious face which is the sign of getting annoyed and uncomfortable. But i really don't care as long as im with my friend at that time ^^

4). I don't like...SPOIL BRAT!! RAWR!!! miow....o.o
I don't like those spoil brats who always think that they're lonely because their parents don't seem to care about them, i don't like it when they don't wanna listen to others but instead telling others to listen to them, who like to raise their voice when talk to their parents even though they're right (that's not the way to treat ur ol peeps).

Although me always have different opinions with my ol peeps at home, and often having a debate about it especially with my dad, BUT I ALWAYS RESPECT them!! they're my parents anyway. Even though my mum is about to be transfer to somewhere else that has something to do with her job, I always say YES, im ready to be independent ^^

Even though my dad is very egoistic person, but he is more experience than me, me always listen to him, he is arrogant in a good way, sometimes he annoyed the fuck outta me! but he's like the coolest ol man ever! XD

5). When I start imagine lots of stuffs, I start being in a random-mode person, that's where I unintentionally making lots of jokes, and then people start calling me funny, crazy and ...weird.

6). I love listening to metal song, from traditional heavy metal song to modern metal song. I dislike listening to selfish EMO song, I mean if the lyric sound so emotionally selfish. But I still like listening to angst-lyrical theme song.

7). Like my dad, Im a very egoistic person, very hard-hearted and cold-hearted person, even if im sad, i wont cry! That will just makes me look low.
BUT! I always control my arrogant-ness, I will always help those who really need help, I do care about others feeling. Well, do non-arrogant people exist?

15 bloggers that deserve this award~

Suzanne, Addy, eyntan, Victor Lo, mikee ミケエ, Freda Jane, Myrz, Kenneth Poh, ANYS(sja ja letak hikhik ^^), chessa, gladys...and that's all at the moment.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epic WIN!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spammer gave me this question..wahaha

Go and take the question HERE

and this is mah result...mmm


1-st question. Priorities in your life:


2-nd question:

cool implies your own personality.
cute implies personality of your partner.
dirty implies the personality of your enemies
bitter- It is how you interpret sex.
vast/wide implies your own life.

3-rd question:

carolina - Someone you will never forget.
suzie - Someone you consider your true friend.
me! (WTF) - Someone that you really love.
nobody - Your twin soul.
nobody - Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

You have to send this test to as many persons as your favorite number (5) and your wish will come true on the day that you recorded (friday).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I think I should stop thinking about mah past.

People tend to run away from the past, because they know they can't fix it. Even if they try to forget it, it will come back at them, because they didn't fix it yet, because every time people try to fix it with a broken heart or with a weak heart. At the end of it, they tend to ignore it and stop trying to fix it, and continue living in a full of doubt and regret in the present time, and the future....

You know what, the past doesn't matter! what does matter is the present time and the future, don't ever forget the past but learn from IT though.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After all those rushy days with load of assignments... it's time for the interview which most of the students in the same badge as me didn't really get the questions they were asked and didn't answered the right answer...well 'they' told me cuz i asked em. so?

and yea! me kinda lucky that im friggin done with the interview thingy today! yes! no need to worry bout it anymore~ gah! sometimes im sick with happy ending...(owh my~ what the heck is wrong with me!)

owh well! today, this time that guy named Alex Jimrod is going insane in my profile page in facebook~ gawd! owh well, like i would care anyway ^^
dang! it's been a while now since the last time i update my blog :3

Friday, April 2, 2010

Words for us all!

Buruk atau baiknya seseorang individu, bukanlah disebabkan oleh BANGSA! AGAMA! WARNA KULIT! atau KECIL BESAR saiz badan sesorang tetapi buruk atau baiknya terletak pada amalan masing-masing!!


Bad or good a person is not because of one's RACE! RELIGION! SKIN COLOR! BIG or SMALL the size of the people, but bad or good a person is based on their own practice!!