Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Gathering

Talk about my family gathering, it can be the most funniest shit, or it can be the most annoying shit ever...

but still it's part of the culture and it can be the most dramatically interesting ever.


Everytime there's a family gathering, we wont forget this STUFFS;

-strangers which turned out to be your long lost cousin
-friends which then turned out to be you cousin as well...
-old men which is errrr....
-picture picture picture!
-aarrgghh!! any kinds of alcoholic drinks!

like most of the times, some of the parents (ow mother! ow auntie!) love to compare their children with other children of how good or how bad their grades is in school/college/university or even in the working life now (in certain way but still..)

comparing of how much of a badass, creative, smartass and successful their child is, when they start talking bout money or business....the conversation will turn out to be fucked up and complicated, everyone will start going greedy....

the karaoke! omg...the most funniest shit ever when some drunk old man and young adults start singing something that even they can't spit it right, everyone is hella DRUNK!

no beer/liquor no kinship..the hell... there was once i was asked by some old man,

"hey, come drink with us!"

me said, "NO THANKS, me don't drink those stuffs"

"WHAT?! if you can't drink then don't say you are part of OUR PEOPLE!"

orang bilang 'orang kita' bah

"Wait kid?! how ol are yu??"

"18...."(that was two years ago)

"whaaattt??! my son already start drinking when he was 12!!"

WTF dude?! what kind of a father are you supporting your underage son to drink that stuff?!

the most annoying thing is when everyone are more into 'honor before reason' kind of attitude.


ow gawd...

The whole place just smell like #@$@#$@#$@#$@#$#@$.......!

this is the most common family gathering that i've attend all this time, it can be 'informal' or 'formal' way of family gathering.

I bet some youngsters don't like attending their family gathering but not all though like me(sometimes)

well anyway this is one of the way to know more about your family and your long lost cousins.