Sunday, February 27, 2011

ABC about you, also known as LONG ASS SURVEY.

The ABCs!

A - AVAILABLE: let me scream first...NOOOOO~~

B - BIRTHDAY:August 10

C- CRUSHING ON: my cat

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Avocado Juice ;D

E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Imaginary friend

F - FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: Ready When You Are by Brighten

H - HOMETOWN: Kota Kinabalu

I - IN LOVE WITH: my computer

J - JUGGLE: How?

K - KILLED SOMEONE: Kill yourself

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: 12 hours from Sandakan to Poropok to Kota Kinabalu

M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Chocolate is good for antioxidant..mmmm


O - ONE WISH: SUCCESS IN everything i do, i don't care what is it.

P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: My granpa's name is "urang tua"

R- REASON TO SMILE: ........... =] not smiling

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Mindless Self Indulgence(MSI) - Stupid MF

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: Usually 8.00am or sometimes 7 something AM.

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Let me check first....mmmm...

V - VEGETABLE(S): Any Leafy Vegetables, and Broccoli

W - WORST HABIT: errr....As**

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD MOST RECENTLY: When i still 16, something wrong with my jaw at that time


Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Leo (August) + Goat (Chinese horoscope)


Your favorite number: 3

What color do you wear most: Black

Least favorite color: Pink makes me goosebumps

What are you listening to: Rebirth by Ill Nino

Are you happy with your life right now: Always the neutral brat

What is your favorite class in school: after class then after class again

Who is your best friend: My sweater

Are you outgoing: What do you think?

Favorite pair of shoes: NONE

Can you dance?: no

Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth: Lemme try first...&cough* *cough* Cough*...!!

Can you whistle: After i put a bird in my mouth

Cross your eyes: Oki

Walk with your toes curled: Sure...mmmm

Do you believe there is life on other planets: You

Do you believe in miracles: Ow yea i do

Do you believe in magic: YES! ;D

Love at first sight: Anything is possible

Do you believe in Satan: I believe in Santa

Do you believe in Santa: Big fat old man with a friggin badass beard, that's him alright...IDK

Do you know how to swim: I'm so good! i could drown!

Do you like roller coasters: What's that? <---noob here

Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality show: Which one?

Have you ever been on a plane: Yes.

Have you ever asked someone out: With friends? yea

Have you ever been to the ocean: Yepperz

Have you ever painted your nails: Someone do it for me...


What is the temperature outside: HOT! It's always summer here.

What radio station do you listen to: HitZ FM (M.Y Station)

What was the last restaurant you ate at: Kak Nong (is that how it spells like?)

What was the last thing you bought: Avocado Juice

What was the last thing on TV you watched: History Channel


Who was the last person you IM'd: NONE

Who was the last person you took a picture of: mmmm.... Gerard Jerome Jiniing?

Who was the last person you said I love you to: My rice


Ever really cried your heart out: My heart is so dry

Ever cried yourself to sleep: ow yea...some dreams sure can make me cry somehow...mmmm

Ever cried on your friend's shoulder: NEVER

Ever cried over the opposite sex: nope

Do you cry when you get an injury: Not anymore

Do certain songs make you cry: mmmm...only feeling sad but never cry...mmmm


Are you a happy person?: Used to be very hyper, now I'm in between <.> (blame my strange mood swing)


(look at you??)

What is your current hair color: Natural Black


What shirt are you wearing: Brown + yellow shirt

Pants: Black jeans

Shoes: Barefoot, cannot wear shoes at home or a spoon flying to my face.

Necklaces: I don't wear any. I know im suck at fashion sense...mmmm

Underwear: AAAAAHHH!! a hamster got in!


Favorite eye color: Natural color

Short or long hair: Whatever suits~


Been to jail: Nah~

Mooned someone: I did? oh shit!

Thought about suicide: No fucking way!

Laughed so hard you cried: HAHAHAHA...*cough* *cough*...*dead*

Cried in school: NEVER

Thrown up in a store: BUUARRRGGHHH....

Wanted to be a model: Not interested

Seen a dead body: Ya...mmmm

Been on drugs: Medicine, cig, coffee?

Gone skinny dipping: Me never nude...


Pepsi or Coke: Or

McDonald's or Burger King: KFC

Single or Group Dates: Loner

Chocolate or Vanilla: Both =D

Strawberries or Blueberries: Avocadoberry

Meat or Veggies: BOTH ;D

TV or Movie: Movie

Guitar or Drums: BOTH

Adidas or Nike: The 'I don't care' brand.

Chinese or Mexican: Fusion


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sims 3 ep 1: Leon and The Graveyard

Once upon a time in...errr...


Once upon a time, there were two young adult dudes living together in a small house which original belongs to Lint, but Leon move in for we don't know apparent reason at the moment

(the past will be told next time). Lint and Leon are like Water and Fire, Lint is a calm musician and quite snarky...errr, while Leon is a hot-headed and quite a jerkass dude(maybe).

One day, Leon went to the graveyard and...

The story


tada! dadadada~~



HAH! I'm here!

HAHAHAHA!!! HOHOHOH- *uurgh!..*


I shouldn't do the evil laugh if im suck at it.

Ow! im here!

Leon: MMMMMMMMM!! how does this person looks like eh?!

Leon: ow!! so handsome!! i want him!!

Leon: tonight im gonna take this guy home!

(After got home...)

while waiting for the night to come, he watched his fav tv show,
the no other than cooking show!

ow shit...

next is, Leon waste his leisure time with his fav hobby,
trolling on the net.

night time stroke!

here he comes to pick tha dude up from his dirt bed

Leon: hey baby! miss me?

Leon: tonight you're mine!

Leon: HUAHAHAHAHA!!!! i know im gay...

Leon: ehem...HUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Leon: hahaha...ha- *cough*..*cough*...i think
i should study more how to do evil laugh in front of tha mirror.

Leon: here we go mothafucka!

At home, Lint is watching his fav show...which was forced to watch by Leon actually.

while Leon grin sheepishly accompany with squinty eyes at the back... front of the main door.

Lint: What is he planning this time...huuuu....*not interested*

*walks slowly*

Leon: yes! i made it to my fucking room!

-badass RApE FaCe-

Leon: i should put it..

Leon: OOPPSS!!

Leon: arrgghhh!!!!! I messed up just now! dammit! hope Lint didn't see that!

Lint: ........MmmmmmMmmmM

Leon: hey dude! you know what?! i just found someone i like just now!!

Lint: A development i see, i think im gonna see another rejection after this...

Leon: well fuck you man!

Leon: me wash my dish..

Lint: you sloth! wash your own farking dish!

Lint: *#@$#$%#%^$#!*...watever...

*continue watching cooking show.*

Lint: does he even know how to cook?! (about the dude in the TV)

Lint: Oh my fucking ghost!

while Leon having fun with the sink.

Leon: hey bebeh, wanna sleep next to me?

Leon: Im going to sleep naw..

Leon: goodnight bebeh~


Lint: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! *The Screaming Bitch Style*

Lint: ow...where's the dish?


While Leon is...ZzzZZzzZ

Ghost: how the hell i got into this house anyway?

Ghost: it must be that boi!

-to be continue-