Friday, March 26, 2010

At the ExHiBiTiOn

Leeches are good for health! ^^
it looks cute but at the same time makes me...uurrrgggghhhh!! woowowowoww!! don't let those stuffs near me! if ya do! im so gonna #@%#@%#%@^%&^%&%^!! (oh my..)

Today, some of mah mates and me went to Padang Merdeka, what is it in EnGriSh? Independent field? XD (anotha direct translate there), in KK. I thought there were some circus people there or something that's gonna be fun and loud, but it's not.

There were exhibition there, i don't really know what kinda exhibition is it, but i do saw some cows? goats? ostrich, karabau pun ada bah klu ko! i mean buffalo, and something green, i mean plant.

I bought a hand-made chocolate there, and a SOAP??!! what kinda soap?

That person who sell that stuff told me something about that special soap, and of course when i say special, it is SPECIAL which has the benefit to throw away toxin from our body and something more, and yea i think i have lots of toxins inside me too.

Then, when i thought we're about to go home, my mates started to talk about leeches, then i recall something, yea there were leeches at the place where i bought my special soap...then we going back there to see those cutie thingy...uurrgh..and to play those stuffs...YAY!


After all those screaming and moaning when playing with the leeches, well at least that thing can't jump or im gonna kill ya! It's time to go back home, when the national anthem about to start, we were all run away as fast as we could so we don't havta stand still and sing along but unfortunately..we were too late.

Sempat lg dorang takutkan Suzanne dgn sesuatu yg menyerupai lintah

-peace out-

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It seems easy but...

Today, our chef just taught us how to make Roti Canai..mmm..what the hell is 'Roti Canai' anyway? it's one of a food can be found in Malaysian cuisine =p
it's similar to Kerala porotta (south Indian flatbread) from Indian cuisine. Of course, Roti canai won't be perfect without the spicy chicken curry and beef rendang, me love spicy food by the way. ^^

Then one of the student trying to flatten the dough by...make it fly like a bread shouldn't do it, next thing happens, disaster happened. Then next, my turn to do it(after being forced though) since everyone seems to..too shy to do it, scare cuz disaster will happen to them too..and owh..another second disaster by me, im a first timer anyway! >_<

owh well, then im telling them to do it too so they can stop laughing and experience the disaster while making that bread thingy goes
and owh~ everyone having fun today, real fun ^_^
Even though it didn't look like the usual 'Roti Canai' we can get from 'mamak stall.' seems easy to do that when you look at someone doing it, and then when you were told to do it, then..especially for those who are still first timer about this kinda's not easy as you thought ^_^

(dang! i need more practice to perfect it >_<)

dui gia...happy ending bah.... o.o

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secure the insecure

owh~~ I know that some of you scare of losing the feeling of love and secure, that just shows how human is, sometimes people don't care about what's going to happen to others as long as you feel comfortable and place in a secure boundary.

Some might think their friends are everything to them, or family is everything to them, or both. Since there is the place where they can feel being love or secure. Love can be very selfish and killing too ya know, when they feel in too much love, and there's one time their family don't give enough love like they use to get, they tend to whine about it, saying that they don't care about them, this is like most of the spoil brats out there will think, like me used to think too.

When some of their friends which only just acting friendly but not really real friend or maybe a best friend left them, owh my! the feeling of love from friends, has just went bye bye~

The selfish feeling will soon to take over its place, make the particular person who think he/she in a tragic situation feeling furious or/and lonely.

Most people will drop a couple of tears after being back-stabbed, left by friend/family, or's okay to cry about it, but crying all the time is not a solution to fix the problem and like someone would care?

Like people would fucking CARE??!! well mostly were just pretending since maybe they dont understand how it feels like. Im sick of being sympathy, why dont you start empathy?..

People just havta face the truth that might hurt them and get over it later then and get up not giving up and give lots of reasons to give up until it kills you little by little until you feel dying from the inside (awwhh!! im so in insecure boundary right now!)

Stop casting a tragic character all the damn time just to get a dying love which already left you. Sometimes, things that hurt us makes us stronger and mature, don't expect anything to go smooth.

Sometimes truth can be painful reality. If yo feeling insecure, secure it back like the negative charge against positive charge.

ME? i would do anything to do that, i don't like feeling insecure, but still i need time to do that..we're a human after all.

Trip to Sapi Island XD~ woot

Yesterday, after all the crazy days I have been through with college mates, it's time to go for a relaxing vacation with some of my mates in Moral Studies subject to Sapi Island, but actually i just wanna stay at home or maybe go for a movie or something else that can relax me other than go to the island with some other intakes and course students.

Well since it's part of our project assignment, to clean tha seashore~ which is already CLEAN, so we have no choice but havta go anyway. By the way, i wanna get myself tanned.

It's a small island near the capital city of Sabah, and this was my first time went to an island...auww..really?.. :3

There, we did lots of stuffs like; jungle trekking, swimming, barbecue, fishing, photographing and sleeping. Unfortunately, i can't go to swim since i didn't bring any spare clothes, and also i can't take any single picture since my phone is not with me anymore..huhu..well at least my mates help took some of our pictures.

cian suzanne, nda dapat mandi di laut yg cantik di pulau trsebut, nanti kuar 'alarm' dr santutnya...LOL!!
saya pn nda dpat mandi...takut nt berbau pofium cap ikan dan budak di dalam bas nanti.

Friday, March 19, 2010

woohooo! akhirnya~..errgghh...

YESS!! selepas bersusah payah study smpai di last subject dan di last minute, akhirnya abis jua mid-term test hari ni! adeii...

Ketika lambat masuk ke dlam kelas tadi kmudian ditepuk tangan secara tiba2 oleh para pelajar kat dalam kelas tu lagi, ini sungguh..mmmmmm....?

Sibuk pnya tidak sibuk cari tmpat duduk yang paling sesuai supaya tidak diganggu oleh sepa2 pada masa tu, tiba2 datang pula sorang budak bising ni dimana dia lebih tua dari saya dan the worse case scenario, dia duduk di sebelah saya dimana it was end with the two of us sit together.

"OK! you can start answering the paper now!", the lecturer without any hesitate spit the words out from his mouth.

Masa syok2 jawab soalan dalam kertas putih yang membosankan, tiba2 budak sebelah ni....menulis siku sy dgn pen yang berbau kalah2 santut suar ko. Well, just ignore him at first...ignore punya ignore, sana juga dia bising macam bayi. Sampai la tu lecturer paksa cubuk2 matanya yang sibuk lihat benda lain dan melihat gelagat kami dan kawan tu orang.

Situ jua masanya saya siap mnggunakan skill dan style mempertahankan diri sy untuk elakkan diri sy dari diramas dengan ayat2 yang merimaskan dan dan mey~ (hatiku menyalak ketidakselesaan)

Akhirnya, habis jua sy jawab sgala soalan yang ada...nasib baik sy tidak perlu ambil kertas kosong banyak2 tadi, dapat jua sy elakkan kertas jawapan sy dikoyakkan oleh kami berdua selepas berusaha untuk memdapatkannya(tujuan tu 'orang' utk meniru, tujuan sy pla, mempertahankannya).

-The EnD-

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a damn test!

Every time I login into my facebook account, i always see people whining and whimper and complaining and blablabla~ about lots of stuffs, and unfortunately me also included.

I do like to do that too, that's one of my method to express some of my shitty stuffs, but now..i started to try to STOP doing that. I think it is normal now like people look down on you, envy at you, judgmental on you, mad at you and bullshitting behind your back..etc

HEY! shits happen you know, that's how life is.

Even after you've wrote that stuff in ur status, those particular people will laugh at ya, mock at you, they luv it as long as they think you are LOW or not competent, as long as you haven't show what-so-good-about-you to them. They like to see you fall and give up. They don't know about you, cuz they don't wanna know about it.

When i think back again about all those words I've written down in my status in facebook and also in my damn friggin blog, it makes me think that..urrgghh..this is such an infantile am I....

It didn't bring any good either, full of anger and hatred, i didn't get any good by doing that.

I think every time i do that, it's like I'm showing my weakness to them; I never learn how to grow up even though i'm already 18(cuz i hate it, less fun y'know =3 ).

Do you realize that almost 90% of those people who saw that kind of status are annoyed? Even some of them posting comment with nice words on that kind of status are just..well..pretending to be nice.

Just ignore those type of people, don't tend to follow our heart too much until we forgot how to use our brain. That's what people call it a test right?

I ignore it doesn't mean I run away,

I don't want to see things like looking at it without understanding it,

I have a life that is more important to succeed than taking care of bunch of noobs,

I want to be more open-minded about the situation I'm in,

I want to grow up even though I've always being let down.

Even you will see me acting all carefree, cheerful and playful person, but it doesn't mean that I don't have any serious side.

So why don't you start understand about your weakness instead of whine about it, if yo have the time to whine why don't you do something about it?

Monday, March 8, 2010

HANTU yang curi hp ko!

Pada suatu malam yang uuuurrrgghhh.....
Hand phone kegemaran sy telah hilang..budu! boleh2 hilang owh! sedangkan sy sntiasa bawa dan pegang tu benda kecik kat tangan sy, sy tidak letak kat dalam poket sbb me got no fucking pocket.

So then out of the blue, I shouted randomly, "owh GAWD! where's my damn hand phone!"

Oki, ceritanya mcam ni:

Me: TIDAKK!! HP SY hilang..~.~!!

Dad: itulah ko nda pandai jaga!!

Me: sy sntiasa pegang bah tu..tiba2 hilang..ntah napa..

Dad: ada hantu p curi tu klu gitu, tadi ada tu kucing masuk ka?

Me: hah? hantu?..ada..

Dad: tgk ko! nah! kena bawa lari uda hp ko oleh tu kucing! kucing itam bah tu! hantu pnya kucing!

Me: hah pa?? bukannya itam abis juga tu-

Dad: tu kucing bawa lari!!

Me: sy blum abis ckap bah..ada putih2 lagi sket bah tu!

Dad: Tetap ada hitam!

Me: hItam putih lar warna dia..adeii..

Dad: jadi mana uda tu kucing?!

Me: napa tiba2 jadi hal kucing ni? ko mabuk ka ni??

*semua diam*

Tiba2, tu kucing masuk rumah kami dan bagi salam, "miiiooooowww~~"

*Kami semua pun lihat tu kucing*

FOR YOUR INFORMATION, warna tu kucing hitam dan putih.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

menyuludup kereta mama, apa punya anak!

yea yea..the title says it all ;-p
The heck is that suppose to mean?

Well yesterday night(Friday), my parents went to our village 80km from here, and left me alone at home like usual. So i used this chance to bring some of my friends sleep over my house at that night^^ HOHO!

Then my friends telling me to join them go duty to their school for the school's event tomorrow(Saturday).

Here are some pictures that we? took when my friend forced me to lend my mum's car for a test drive yesterday(Friday),...but then they want to do it again today(Saturday) after finished with our duty for school's event at the same day.


Kena kikis mukanya

Errkk..Jan kasih dekat kepala ko ngan saya!

Ini ada high-quality sket gambarnya

Berebut wireless...

Jadi cyber cafe free dah rumah saya...

ASTAGA!!! ALALALA!! kena rogol si suzie oleh si carol! secara LIVE lg nie~ HAHA!

Kepenatan selepas 'berbuat' LOL

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oi! ol man..I'M FOR REAL!!!! dammit


oki oki..the story is like this..

My dad telling me to water my mom's flowers and somethings being planted at the back of the house at night around 9 and a half something like that.

Then, while i was having not in a damn good time watering those stuffs, cuz for some reasons i felt something very weird or should i say "not delicious liver" (direct translation from 'tidak sedap hati')...oki for some reasons i just started to feel anxiety at that time.

Then suddenly, i heard this one sound like chicks chuckling in a middle of what the fuck! i was like what the fuck! since when someone pet chicks and chickens??? yea! i would say that again. I try to find where the hell is that sound comin from, it sounds so low but i still manage to hear it.

Then i saw something, it's on the tree..well it looks like someone were there playing hide and seek, got no fucking body and making a fucking weird sound and have a fucking red eyes! What's next? im fucking get the hell outta there! wowowowowoWWWOOWW!! kimek pnya balan2!!

When i was already inside the house, i told my dad about that thing i just saw, and he was like, "mmm...? KO MANGIGAU lagi sana! memang ko suka tul fikir bukan2! ko p siram suma tu bunga diluar! CAPAT!!"....kick tul slang sabahan ko orang tua! (SENDIRI!!!!!!!)

Oiii...saya betul2 bah ni.. T.T

The next day, i heard the same sound again..errkk...tu orang tua pun merepek lagi dgn dunia dia sndiri sambil minum beer dia. gawd dammit! DX