Saturday, December 15, 2012

Before THE END of 2012, let's ENJOY!!

waii nah! lama dah nda post sesuatu ntah pa barang sy mo post ni, k enuff....

There's so many things had happened through out this year, there are at times we were tired, weary with all the works to be done, feeling sad, break-up with boyfriend or girlfriend, getting angry, arguing, fighting, crying, drinking too much until throw it all back (if you know what i mean), not enough money, getting all stress out over almost everything...

but it doesn't mean we never had fun, feel wanna laugh as loud as we can, we all want to understand what it means by 'feeling alive', so yeah, go and live yo fucking life to the fullest!

Wanna understand what it means by ENJOYING life by making mistakes, feeling down then getting back up, fell in love, befriend with so many people and dot dot dot...

Up until now, after all those shitty things and fun things that had been thrown at us through out this year from January till this month DECEMBER~

Let's go for a walk, and enjoy our life before the end of the year 2012. wooohh!!

enjoy sebelum bilang...lulz

Hobbycon at Citymall, on 8th till 9th of December

Robert with Iron man cosplayer

Anime poster for sell anyone?


ow mai that's HAWT! lolz!

ya beli beli~

Gundam action figures


high school of the dead cosplayer



what is diz?!

when walking on land is too mainstream

epic fail 

ow da face...lolz

bunch of robin hood wannabe


missed more..

epic missed!

the result...

pok silap!

epic jua lar..

kuyak salana!


jelingan mauts!

the Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholic 




lepas ni, ramai2 muka PLASBAK!!