Friday, December 4, 2009


Nobody ever see I'm mad before, especially my friends. That is my weakness...i got anger management problem, who easily gets blow up and goes berserk.

I used to involve myself in a fight before. Actually, I don't really like fighting, if i still can get away with it, I will try my best to avoid any of it, not only avoid it but also try to find any solutions to cease it. if I can't..why not? Just PUNCH la.

Now I'm a passive anger type of a person. I don't blow outward like old times but instead inward which is much difficult to know whether i'm angry or not at that time, im just gonna give you a smile painted on my face while clenching my fist and teeth. (but my face is readable haha)'s confusing you know; i got excited, then something triggering me and goes BOOMM!! WADDAFUCK JUST HAPPENED?? i don't get why im mad? i don't get why i'm happy at the fucking same time as well??

Sometimes i just go talk to myself or find peace from being in solitude or smoke or go for a drink (yes i'm a smoker and an alcoholic) to calm myself.