Monday, October 19, 2009

My dumb high school days

The year is on 2005~~

Ummm, we had this practical teacher who really likes to talk shizz about this particular groups in our classroom...and guess wat?! I'm one of em, wtfwtfwtf?!! since we're so loud in the damn boring classroom, so?! why don't we..yea! bright it up?!

Me and some of my friends in the same classmate, consist of 3 boys and 3 girls including me doing an investigation about a rumor that 1 of our mate in our group has joined a gangster group somewhere in Tobobon region, owh no owh no! that is bad ppl, THAT is BADASS =D !! we should help her =O
It's time to go to tha suspected place! Taman Tobobon, a residental area in Tobobon region. Our friend's name is Shahana(i wont tell her full name).

1st, we went to a an old obsolete house, we assume that this old house(more like a shack) used to be their gathering place, since some of our friends who live in that area often saw a bunch of black clothes people walking around here(lepak?), including Shahana! So we're just bum in and check it out~~

"owh..what tha hell is this?", I felt somethin under my slipper, somethin sleeky, somethin plastic-like.

"We just got a rare treasure here!!", One of my friends named Ebben said.

The other 4 watched me, then i picked it up that so-called rare treasure. Everyone started to laugh hysterically, rolling on the floor laughing their ass off like they were being possessed by some kinda demon babe, it was more than a shriek than laughing. I don't kno wat the hell is wrong with em until i see it myself...well it's a condom.We're kids anyway, still a 14 years old rascals at that time.