Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Malaysian Stereotype Peninsular Malaysia <.> Borneo part 2


INGAT! jangan cepat senang melatah lepas baca semua ini. If you can't stand any remarks that may sound offensive better press 'ALT + F4' now. Remember this is an old post. So it means this happened in the past and it's all just part of the history.

yea like I said before, we won't know when will this kind of stereotypes lasted. This time I got it again, the same old question about Sabah (Sarawakian as well) from east Malaysia. Lemme point out the weird question I've been asked from some people there again.

West Malaysian: What are you?

Me: Malaysian...

W.Malaysian: owh..I mean, are you Chinese, Indian or Malay?? well seems your name doesn't sounds like either Chinese or Malay, I assume you are Indian, am i right?

Me: doesn't mean my name sounds like this then you start assuming things like that. =o

W.Malaysian: owh i see, where are you from anyway?

Me: Sabah.

W.Malaysian: owh I thought you're from Malaysia.

Me: ......

1st I thought they were joking, but actually there will be some of them still don't know that Sabah is part of Malaysia. What surprised me even some educated people asking me this weird question. It's like a frog live in a well who only knows to see the sky from under the well but afraid to know about the sky.

Saya fikir sy satu org jah yang kena, ni salah satu komen dr


sa pun perna kena tanya....

ini x-room mate sa....mama dia doktor..bapa dia lawyer...kerja tinggi2...skali jumpa sa... "SABAH? KAT MANA TU?"

dia bukan tanya sa d Sabah bahagian daerah mana ok?

trus sa cakap la...."EH KAN SABAH DEKAT MALAYSIA JUGA?"


nama saja high educated...tapi?? SABAH PUN DURG NDA TAW...?? cam %$#& la....

This time, the stereotype gets to the outside of Malaysia.
Especially in the nearest neighboring country. When my cousin's aunt and her husband from Sabah stayed in Bangkok back then, she's still young though and already have a baby girl as their child, and then there's someone from the place they where staying at start having a lil chit-chat with em;

Thai.ppl: ooh so cute... where are you from my friend?

My cousin's aunt: Malaysia

Thai.ppl: are you Malay? (typical question for people from Malaysia)

My cousin's aunt:

Thai.ppl: Chinese? Indian?? japanese??? korean????

My cousin's aunt: ..........honey! please come help me!

Oki! That's not their fault actually, since they're not from Malaysia.

Even though some of the west Malaysian might know what is Sabah or Sarawak is! But still, they will assume the people from these states are 'LOW','orang hutan/kampung' or hicks.

Everyone's the same, human that is. Why people always like to judge others by races or where they come from??

I respect those people who are from the West/Peninsular Malaysia, but sometimes when you're too respect of someone, that 'someone' will start getting all haughty and high headed then sooner or later will forget oneself and start looking down on others. It happens not just between country or states but also between individual.

There's another forum I read again, there's is this guy from Sabah express something about west Malaysia, he said,
"ceh! tanpa sabah dorang mana bleh maju mcam skarang, tgk la sabah dulu kaya sebab hasil bumi kita jua, lepas gabung jd malaysia, minyak kita kena guna untuk pmbangunan sana ja! skarang pla sabah sudah jadi antara negeri yang trmiskin d negara ni! pencuri!"

He said, the west Malaysia will not be a developed country as it is now without the East Malaysian's oil or other resources, also because of that..Sabah became 1 of the poorest state in Malaysia.

But that was old story~ (Siapa suruh orang Sabah budu juga?) but still, don't forget the history but forgive it and learn from the history. But I will always love my country, even though shitz happen, we still can maintain our peace.

So now, my words to borneo ppl, don't start thinking and judging all of them were like that, that will just makes you part of the ignorant people who like to stereotyping others.

The problem is, when one's in majority, some particular people will usually like to take this opportunity against the minority, and started act and do something stup1d but still think they're somekind of intelligent people cuz they're in a group with high influence and power. This will eventually creates a bad perception in the majority, and the negative flows keep on gathering, then what happen next?

Disebabkan nila setitik, Rosak susu sebelanga

So, like I said before, as far as stereotyping goes, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. One idiot decides it would be fun to start it, and the rest follows. There’s only one problem, generalization is never a good idea and most of the time, there’s no basis in these accusations. It’s like expecting all the children to look identical because they came from the same womb. Take note that I don't in any way believe or support these stereotypes.

Support 1Malaysia.

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-Peace Out-


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