Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Opinions war!

SUP PEEPS!! v-.^v

Oki today I would like to talk about...GRRRR!!! no time for formal approach!
NOW! I have met a lot of ppl out there which annoyed the hell out of me sometimes for being an asshole who only wanna keep their own opinion(s) to themselves, they DON'T want to hear someone's out and don't respect others opinions, it's like they think they're the mothurfucking perfect know-it-all expert out there who only want ppl to listen to them.

Person A: Hey! do you watch anime? or read manga?

Person B: yea why?

Person A: haha! wtf! those stuffs are only for KIDS!! dumbass!

Person B: Then why is there some old man i saw in tv cosplaying their fav character in anime/manga and watch em?

Person A: BECAUSE they are fucking GAY!!! they have no life! only watch animated tv show which being called anime because they do not have a job and bla3. It's gay and i fucking hate anime and manga, it's only for noob.

Person B: Have you ever watch one?

Person A: no, i only saw it just like that then i hate it. Well i have my own reasons why i hate it.

Person B: You don't feel the plot i guess.

Person A: WHY SHOULD I?! im not gay or a child who wanna watch cartoon like that!

Person B: It's not a typical cartoon where kids like to watch!! It's anime! do you know that anime have lots of genre?

Person A: why do i need to kno that?! it's GAY!

Person B: It has lots of genre, for example; SHOUNEN for young boys(13++), SHOUJO for young girls, SEINEN for more mature boys(18++), JOSEI for more mature girls, ECCHI which has fanservice in it stuffs in it(16++), MECHA(16++), YAOI(18++), YURI(18++).,,etc.

Person A: i told cha i dont need to know all those stuffs! it's tainted!

Person B: YOU SCUMBAG HATER should just DIE!

Me: oki i think the only way is, why don't you person A just keep those remarks to yourself and ur allies, same goes to the person B, just talk ur interest with others who have the same interest with you. The best thing to do is WHY DON'T YOU GUYS RESPECT OTHERS OPINION!

It's not like it's going to kill you or whatsoever, wtf? there's nothing wrong with loving animemanga stuffs, and there's nothing wrong with hating it too, it just that you guys need to respect others opinion, simple as that.

BUT! about racism...I WON'T RESPECT such thing as racism, because of it, racial segregation exist, racial extinction exist, even in world war and nobody like it, even to 1st party person, 2nd party person and 3rd party person. you want those?

YES? or NO?
just keep it to yourself.

Same goes when ppl discuss about certain movies, religion, politic and stuffs they like & don't, well at least if you don't like it, pls use decent words where both side(the do & don't like) can accept. Or should i say, be open minded when discussing bout something. Gawd, simple as that? no? yes? ur opinion.