Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gawd owh gawd!~~

Gawd owh gawd....I'm just a normal human oki? why i write all this kinda stuffs in my blog anyway? it's all based on my true feelings and experienced. Different people different personality? opinion? mindset? variety?...oki here goes, JUST BE YOURSELF! simple and clear.

People always whining that this 'person' or this 'people' don't wanna follow what they want em to be, it's because...well they're different.
They're no machine, they're HUMAN like you, well at least you can change SOME people, just be grateful of what you did oki, don't be too possessive and demanding.

I respect you in return you topple me down? So don't get mad if i topple you down back, i will give ya back what you did to me but i still always think 1st before i do something stupid cuz you know what it means by 'what comes around goes around' right heh?

So yeah, you and me, all the other people around you are the same; HUMAN, imperfect, different in variety, skills, styles, strength and weakness. That just makes us more colorful in what we can and can't do, that's why we learn to share, share your lifestyle and stuffs. Sharing is caring.

-peace out-