Friday, December 25, 2009

wow..bad mouth...dammit!

kadang-kadang facebook ni bleh jd satu masalah besar jua bg sy, kitai tul! trutamanya klu EHEM!!! orang tua sy p check2 sna sni, gawd! arggghhh!!! tidakkk!!! grrrrrr....oki sy suka discuss about lot of stuffs, tapi sometimes byk2 bnda yg sy sndri bawa discuss and sy p join mana2 discussion ja, klu tu org tua trbaca ja, byk la dia sruh padam sna sni. Macam ada 1 kes dia ada add sy d facebook tp akhirnya sy remove dia from friend list LOL(BAD KID!! BAD BAD KID!! XD) oki, frankly I'm not close with my old man k, he's so damn strict n yea annoying too who will kick the hell outta me when he's mad! hell yea! well, hot temper like him and cold temper like me is..well not a good combination.

BACK TO tha topic! about why i rmove him from my fl in fb, there's one time that he read my post in facebook which was i talked about someone else(more to discussion) but y'kno that my sentence sometimes have those stuffs like...the 'F' word (y'kno what i mean?) nah! situ lah dia mula!! mula! mula lah dia! wooohoooo!! BOOMM!! oh shit! oh my gawd...PADAM TU!! (skali klu bnda bkan2 kuar dr mulut dia, ok la, pui! ko lah plg manang!)

everyone in that time just look at us in dumbfounded expression.

well, even tho we were like this, that's how we used to live(wtf)...and i don't kno when will this last..only God knows. I still luv him in my own way (awkward way i guess..)

oh shit! dia sdg tgk sy pla! now im dead!