Thursday, December 17, 2009

im pissed off..

GRRRRRRR.....this is why sometimes i hate facebook! even it's not its fault!

It just that those ppl in there, i mean ppl who added you/me in their friend list.

owh gratz, i don't talk any shit about you but..emm..why me huh?
BOLEH KO DIAM!!!!!!! grrrrrrr

yeah you may think it's fun to put it in ur conversation between ur friends which is close to you? hah! yeah right it's fun..

I don't have any grudge on ya, I don't really kno you, you're also in the same shoe here pal, yea you don't kno me too.

So why don't you just fuck it off? FUCK OFF! want me to reply those 2 simple words again? hahaha! you may read this anyway.

Sorry 4 being rude, it just that I'm so pissed when someone who don't understand and rly know about me talk shitty stuffs behind my back.

I'm sick of this.