Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bunch of noob politicians

"The past is the past so what?"

So you say you're being indifferent to the history's mistakes?

Day after day I started to get bored with political world that is going on in this country with all those pro-government medias that love to manipulate people's mind and starting to get oppressive bit by bit without we realize it, it's obvious since the so called 1Malaysia ideology manifested.

Those who have been living with privilege in this country started being so oppressive and aggressive by using law that they have made years ago. Just face it! there's no original people with pure blood in certain kinds of race here in Malaysia, you want united country with united people, you have to treat everyone equally! What is with this "HIDUP *insert race here*" stuff hah? Humans are unlike trump card, they have emotion, isn't that obvious?

If not, then someday for sure, there will be a rebel that will change the flow of this country. Seriously.

I HATE following the flow or the trend all the goddam time if the flow is heading toward the collapse of the country's people.

Makin lama dia memerintah, makin angkuh dia jadi.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Listuran's Birthday

on 13th October last week.

I should have blogged about it last week but got no picture of it in this computer but ow well...

Now behold c jonggos! Tha birthday boy! Happy 21st birthday to him!

Peace sign WIN

We went to Kampung Nelayan to celebrate his birthday, it was my idea actually, my mom was a bit skeptical about bringing my dad along cuz we all afraid of having that old man drinking too much alcoholic beverage cuz if he start drinking 1 bottle, he will get another 2 and next next next...but at that time he was in control of himself, congratulation dude!

His facebook -Link-

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RACISM among us

Racism, racial stereotype, someone being racist to you and blablabla...

You see there's no country can get away from this issue, even you live in a peaceful country, it won't be a forever-perfect-peaceful-wonderful country for you. Always remember this and so harden your heart by any racist remarks.

Another thing is, what makes one become racist in the first place? Being too proud of its race? Arrogant? nationalism? or someone being racist to you and you want to hit them back real hard with some racist remark, so yeah of course those are some of the factors, but those are actually only some of the symptoms, so how to control these symptoms?

It is just one of the infamous chain-of-hatred stuff going on in human's life. Orang kata percobaan hidup.

Always remember that we are all RACIST. Denying it makes the problem worse because we stop questioning our own prejudice, and prejudice is something that creeps out when we least expect it.

If you're too sensitive over a racial issue, sorry to say because this type of people has not yet attained a mental maturity.

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