Thursday, July 14, 2016

Depression and spiritual awakening

'They said i was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder...

Well, it was the best shit ever!! Yet the scariest thing ever...

I feel like i'm one with the universe, i feel everything, i see everything, i hear everything, the good and the bad.

I meet my old self, my past life, getting all crazy and shit, something from the inside is trying to break free.

All the negative feelings and trauma from the past is trying to resurface, telling me to face em head on in order to heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically....owww my i miss you~

Seeing things that ain't there, hear em and feel i hallucinating? i don't know...

Should have just kill myself, cuz i don\t understand shits that going on in my head, sometimes i even forgot how to feel...

i felt this very strong vibration coming out from my whole body, like an electric current zapping my whole body from the inside! owww...gawd...waittt...just how many bodies do i have  anyway??

The truth hurt, nothing in this world is giving you the right answers, just have to figure it out yourself.

On a path of self-discovery, i realize one thing, true love heals everything.

Awaken the soul within, it has all the answers that one needs to know.

REMEMBER the real you, your fate is in your hand.