Sunday, November 29, 2009

stupid question gets stupid answer

YO! sup there peeps!

Oki a week ago, i went to camping on 19th till 25th November 2009 at Cawangan BSMM Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Well, i was bored at home, always being nagging around X TENTU PASAL by my old peeps at home. Actually, they want me to go back to..well, my village?

WANNA what?! jaga anjing ko?!(take care of your dogs?!) FUCK OFF!
just because you guys go traveling to around China and ya old men(granpa & grandma) left your dogs there for a week(20th-28th Nov)and telling me to take care of em? oki, 1st i have class, 2nd thing is, i also join a camp, i have 2 jobs to do here in around KK, and that village is somewhere 60KM from my hometown lol.

I always being ask to do something that is irrational stuffs by those two old men, but even i told them nicely, "i have class and camp..(well something like that)"

They will replied me by saying, "Jan ko peduli pasal e2 bha, ko tidak kesian sama kami yg uda tua ni ka?" (can you please look on us, your old men first? and don't care about those class and camping thingy too much?)

I'm feeling guilty, mad & the same time, actually, they're still strong but selfish(you will know how i feel if you're me).

Well, looks like my lil bros are just back from their boarding school in MRSM, hehehoho! this is my opportunity to go to camp! and attend my class. hikhik^^

So now, my old men(grandpa & grandma) went to China, and my lil bros went to the old men's house just to take care of the dogs and stuffs there.

Then...the phone is ringing...

Lil bros: We wanna eat chicken, can ya guys bring it here?

Me: gawd...there's too many chicken in the damn COOP!

Lil bros: how?..

Me: want me to go there just to get you a chicken?

Lil bros: emmm...what do you think?

Me: ...when I'm there I,m sure gonna stomp ya on the face before i tell ya what to do.

Lil bros: we're hungry..

Me: just stomp on a damn chicken and eat it!

Me: oki, just go to the coop, and snatch a chicken, decapitate its head and ya will kno what to do next.

Lil bros: we're scare..decapitate the chicken..

Me: then strangling it till it is DEAD!

Lil Bros: that's cruel!

Me: then eat the damn dog! you wont have the fucking chicken if you act like one.

Lil bros: We want chicken!

Me: stop acting like a mothafucking baby! go get a chicken and kill it!

Lil bros: okay2, we will.

Me: oki,.....

Me: owh gratz...after you done decapitate its you know how to clean its inner body parts? like the stomach?

Lil bros: I think we should forget it, forget bout having a chicken tonight. T_T

Me: @!#@%^&I*(&^%$#@DFGHYUI*&^YRFAS@#@#$

ME: jadi lepas ko putung kapala tu manuk! tu bdan dia ko buang dan masak itu kpala dia ja? budu..BWAHAHA!!

(Ohohoho I'm so evulz)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did I smell cliche ?

What the hell i mean here?
oki the story is like this, last month ago (October), me and my former high school friends were planning to go for a movie on the next month which is now!(November)

What tha hell we wanna watch anyway?

of course~ the new movie called 2012..YEAH!

I don't kno what might happen but i do know it's going to be a d-day theme like movie.

Well, since my class finished early today (12/Nov/2009), so my friend, Suzanne ask some of us to go for a movie, well of course! I'm so wanna watch movie today! since I'm so boring at that moment(maybe because me don't wanna go back home early >.>).
so everyone agree.

So yeah we did, we watched the movie, and yeah, that movie is awesome! so thrill! me like it! Tha video effects are just WOW! BUT at the same reminds me of some movies like 'Day after tomorrow' and 'The core'.

I think I like this movie(D.A.T) better^^

I don't know but, after a while in the cinema..I started to feel boring, the plot always remind me about these two other movies, everywhere and everything are disaster, people dying and blablabla, well yea i know, the world is goin down!!~~ well yea it's apocalypse duh!

Even disaster happens everywhere in that movie, that's what actually makes the movie so thrill, people panicking and then die, owh shit! too bad for ya mate ;p
Anyway, the movie is much of a mediocre only in my opinion, actually I expect more from the movie like blood and gore and more hardcore plot yeah! buahaha!!

Well anyway, this movie is more to family movie..I mean everyone can watch it, either kids or grown-ups or both, but ya know what, i still love this movie anyway, even though i smell a lot of cliches around that movie.

Peace out~