Sunday, September 27, 2015

Psychic or just plain psychotic

How to know if you're a psychic?
Or maybe just plain psychotic if you can't control yo shit tho...

Well.... i don't know about you, but i can only tell you about my 1st hand experience.


Once upon a time... and im no good with my english,,,still...

okay enuff...!

Here are some judgements that i got from family to friends to society...

1. Confusing use of words/full of metaphor.
- well yeah... i don't like talking too much in real life, i only talk if it's important, so i just make things sound as simple and significant as i can, and people are like, "what the fuck are ya talking about? i don't shitty understand your gibberish bulshits!" Philosophical and psychological.

2. All your 5 basic senses are highly developed, and you're sensitive as fuck.
- and it's killing, i have nightmare all the time when i still can't control myself. I feel like i can feel everyone's aura, i can even see colours comin out from their body and all the objects all around me, you see... there's no such thing as black and white aura only, there are 7 basic colours like the rainbow colours.

3. Highly ambitious and rebellious.
- Dreaming a lot, then tomorrow start dreaming another dream again, then change again tomorrow, and all those dreams are very vivid and imaginative, i think like i can archive many things at a time, i can't stand routines, i hate working with shallow minded people who have no dream to archive.

4. Disorganize and creativity.
- In my early journey...i had a rough time focusing one thing at a time, i love music and art, philosophy and psychology, when i learn something new i only learn something from a short period of time then everyone was like, "wow! you're good but damn you're stupid! you change your focus again, can't continue one thing"....well~ shut yo mouth!

5. Emotional and spiritual.
- Many people told me to learn how to repressed my emotions, and learn to be a stoic person, well to be honest i may look calm from the outside but from the inside, i feel like i wanna explode and kill people, i feel like im being chained and force to follow rules and orders from what most of the people actually are doing, all i see are 'dead people' or soulless people living in a physical body. well yeah...I live alone in a small beautiful house with the nature and animals and oww....spiritual beings! I feel so alive~~

6. Can predict the future.
-well yeah...most of the time until people tell me to shut the fuck up until it happens right in front of their eyes...DAMN!! that feels goooooddd~~~ wuahahaha

oke enuff....thanks for reading.

Peace be upon ya~