Sunday, January 31, 2010

PBSM di sekolah.

Asal ada sukan sekolah diadakan, pbsm p bertugas scara sukarela.

PBSM sering dianggap persatuan yang lemah lembut, lelaki yang mcm pondan ja ikut ni persatuan bagi pendapat orang yang who don't know a shit & dont respect this club.

Banyak orang suka pakai baju pbsm, yang non-pbsm pun suka pakai^^
jadi, kalau budak ITU buat msalah, pbsm lagi dipersalahkan. Telah pun diberitahu pasal perkara ni, but it's no use.

Time ahli pbsm mau tolong, ada 'budak' sorang ni kata, "nda mau! kami pun bleh buat!", skali dibiarkan kejap, pastu kena bising lagi, macam2 jenis bising dia jo >.>

Time sukan sekolah juga, pbsm sering dianggap sebahagian dr kuartermaster, plajar2 suka btul p minta makanan & air dari pbsm masa sukan sekolah.

Kalau ahli pbsm kata, "sori teda makanan & air sini".
Disalahfaham, trus kena maki lagi.

Kalau ada ahli baru pbsm yang buat silap masa merawat atau nda tau langsung macam mna mau merawat atau lambat brtindak balas, kena bising lagi, mcam2 bising kena buat trmasuk makian yg tidak patut.

Bagi ahli pbsm yang brpengalaman pula, kena buat mcam mereka ni ada 10 tangan mau tolong byk orang dlm masa yang sama. Kena anggap macam mesin ni.

Banyak orang lihat pbsm ni macam mesin yang hanya tau buat keja jah, teda perasaan, kalau mereka silap, kena buat mcam mesin juga la.

Mereka lupa yang ahli pbsm di sekolah ni hanya budak2 aja.

Ahli2 pbsm di sekolah yang bertugas scara sukarela tanpa mngharapkan apa2 penghargaan.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

haha! just for today~ XD

Just then, me and some of mah peeps were teaching some of the new members of BSM on how to march for the school sports day on 31st of January this year. I'm no more a high school student nyway, but they telling me to come to help them.

So yeah! and y'know what, it was a last day for training actually! so all of us gonna put all our best efforts on them(the new kids)! As usual i'm being the leader to teach them, the 2nd leader after the president though ;p

The president or the 1st leader seems like don't have confidence on how to discipline em, so i ask him, "have you ever scold em?"

He said not really...

So today will be their 1st day to be scold, and it was by an outsider(ME! dammit!) XD

They were kinda pissed by me, they were talking @#$% at my back after all those stuffs i did to em, i know cuz someone tell me, haha! i can see from their faces too! they were pissed off! XD

You know what, I DON'T CARE, i just came to teach n discipline you guys, it's not like i scold them every times, everywhere, and anywhere, if they did a good job, i praise em like hell! i was so happy and i mean it!

stop being a diva for just one day is hard meh?

GAWD DAMMIT! I missed my damn high school! T_T

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whatcha gonna do? huh?

It was such a nice day to run the school event called 'merentas desa' where students need to run at each Checkpoint provided, is that how we call it? well watever.

The event starts in the morning around 9am something, and before the event begins, of course there will be an assembly in the school and sing our national anthem. So! this is where it all starts.

There is this one student who's from nowhere wearing a BSM t-shirt, and starts dancing while everyone sing the national anthem. This kid is not even a BSM member and also at that time all the BSM members who are suppose to have duty during the 'merentas desa' thingy were stay at their own one place.

This one teacher saw this kid who's wearing the shirt dancing at that time, so then after the assembly thingy finished the teacher met up with the president of BSM in the school and told him that there's one of their member was dancing when the national anthem was being play. Of course the president will deny that's their member and telling the teacher that all his members were with him and stay in one place during that time.

Well, the teacher didn't care what his going to say and she even changed the topic and then she said, "pbsm teda guna!"

The president still haven't explained all what he's going to say at that time, and the teacher already judged them. She didn't even ask like who the hell is that kid? is that kid one of BSM member?

Still not enough with the judgment, she spread it all with the other teachers.

The perpetrator has gone, and all the blames are put on the president of Tobobon BSMM.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was having a good shower time in my damn bathroom, then suddenly a roof rat fell into the bathroom from this one big hole on the bathroom's ceiling, I was like WOWOWOWW!! WTF WTF! the fuck you're doing you fucking rat! You just screwed my best time with the water and soap dammit!

dang! What a chaos!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The old days~~ I see some of the kids in the neighborhood, it makes me feel nostalgic about my past days, the days where I'm still a lil kid.

But there's something different about the kids today and the kids in my time around the neighborhood, I mean kids today more expose to modernization and technology thingy y'know, most of them prefer staying indoor than going outside and play, they only go outside if their friend(s) call them out.

But there's still some kids I found still doing the same old stuffs, I mean there's still kids going with seasonal games in the neighborhood. But only a few still doing that. Most of the kids today, yeah...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

waw! we became popular! =p

mmm..There's too many ppl in many forums that I've read rambling about their religion, both Islam & Christian, well I'll only talk about from the inside of Malaysia issue here, where there were churches arson going on around West Malaysia after the court officially dropped the use of name 'Allah' in Christianity as invalid. Then you know, watever happens in the west Malaysia, the influence will eventually spread to Borneo Malaysia as well.

and this was the respond from the Borneo Malaysian/East Malaysian.

‘Don’t tell us how to pray,’ Borneo states say

The uproar has left East Malaysians perturbed. — Picture by Choo Choy May

By Sheridan Mahavera

KUALA LUMPUR, JAN 12 — The battle might be between the Roman Catholic Church and the government over the right to use “Allah” but the ones most affected are those in Sabah and Sarawak.

As Sabah leader Tan Sri Bernard Dompok pointed out, they worship in Bahasa Malaysia as its the national language and Bibles are in that language because it is not feasible to print or translate it to their various dialects.

More importantly, “Allah” is their word for God, the same as for the Malays, who borrowed it from the Arabs.

Semantics aside, the people in Borneo do not see the fuss or problem over the name of God.

The Muslims in Sarawak, Jack (who asked that only his first name be used) reasoned, were not just tolerant of other faiths. They have accepted non-Muslims as a daily fact of life the same way parents accept that their children have different personalities.

A government servant, he had earlier said he hoped the spate of attacks against churches in the peninsula would not spill over into Sarawak.

Though he was upset over the broken windows of the Anglican Good Shepherd Church in Lutong, Miri, Jack’s faith in Sarawak’s Muslims has not been shaken.

“I hugely believe that this is an isolated case, and most Sarawakian Muslims and also Sarawakians are surprised that such an incident could happen at all in Sarawak,” said Jack. Many of the people interviewed for this article asked that their names be changed due to the volatility of the topic.

It is this renowned bond between the non-Muslims and Muslims of Sarawak and Sabah that has often been held up by peninsula politicians as the ultimate model of race-relations.

Yet while these politicians speak highly of East Malaysia’s ethnic unity, they seldom make any serious attempt to get peninsular Malaysians to emulate it.

Conversely, says Sabahans and Sarawakians interviewed by The Malaysian Insider, the insular race, religion and language politics of the peninsula have often been imported and forced upon East Malaysians for as long as the states have been part of the federation.

And this is what unsettles them when it comes to the turmoil about who gets to use “Allah”: that again, the peninsula-centric Federal government is telling them to change an elemental aspect of their lives that has never before been a problem.

In other words, says a Sabah Government officer, it was never a problem until the “Semenanjung” people made it a problem.


When his friends greet him with the salaam, Mujahid, 20, is never confused as to whether the person is a Muslim or not. Nor does it matter to him.

Neither does he or the Sarawakian Muslims he knows think to ask why Christians in the state use “Allah” in their prayers or sermons.

“It is very condescending to me when someone tells me that I will be confused when non-Muslims use ‘Allah’ because my faith (in Islam) is not weak … Me and my family are extremely disappointed by the uproar and all these attacks on churches,” says Mujahid, a university student.

Sarawakians and Sabahans are saddened by how an age-old community norm of theirs has suddenly turned into a fractious issue by those who do not understand the history of the practice.

Dayak community leader Dr John Brian Anthony explains how when Christianity was being propagated to the East Malaysian natives roughly 100 years ago, the texts that were used were imported from Indonesia.

These texts used the term Allah and were in Bahasa Indonesia, which was similar to the Melayu Kuno used by the natives.

“My elders and me use the same text till today because that is the language we know. If someone tells me that my language is wrong, then I say ‘Why?’ Is it about Aqidah (faith) or is it about form?”

The Home Ministry banned the use of Allah in The Herald’s Bahasa Malaysia section. Yet it is this version which is widely read by Catholics and other Christians in East Malaysia.

When the High Court overturned the ban in Dec 31 last year, it caused an uproar among peninsula-based Muslim groups.

However, Anthony says, East Malaysian Muslims have never opposed the use of “Allah” by Christians and other non-Muslims.

Political scientist Dr Faisal Syam Hazis of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) puts it another way: “The use of Allah by non-Muslims has already been embedded in East Malaysian society for more than 100 years. It has never been an issue. So why are these peninsular Muslims suddenly jumping up and down over it?”


For Dr Zaini Othman of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, the “confusion” that is being felt by the Muslims he meets in the state is why the issue is being raised now.

“Based on my daily experience with Sabahans, this is what they are asking. They feel that there is a hidden political agenda behind it.”

Though the Federal government has been at pains to stress that the issue is not about political mileage, Kuching-based blogger Norman Goh doubts that the violence it has spurred is being tackled seriously.

“First you allow the protests (by Muslim groups). Then when the attacks happen, you say [you] ‘might’ use the ISA (Internal Security Act). When Hindraf, Bersih and Bar Council rallies occurred, you did not hesitate to use the ISA,” says Goh, 23.

Faisal’s colleague, Dr Andrew Aeria, was unequivocal in his reading of the debacle.

“The view here is that Umno has fanned all of this. They seek to impose their racist imaginings on the rest of Malaysia without realising that Malaysia also contains Sarawak and Sabah.”

What Aeria is referring to is the fluid, non-communal approach to ethnic relations in East Malaysia, where groups do not seek to impose their norms or beliefs onto others.

It is helped by the fact that in the historical memory and the demographics of these two states, no group has been dominant.

The ethnic demarcations are also not enforced by politics, says Aeria, where political parties are not formed just to serve one group.

“Some parties have many members of one group but they are intrinsically multi-racial. This is where you see parties like SUPP (Sarawak United People’s Party) that looks like a Chinese party but it fields Bumiputera candidates.”


Unimas’ Aeria and Faisal also dispute the views of a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) race-relations expert who contended that for Sarawak Muslims, religion was not as important as tribal identity.

In a previous The Malaysian Insider article, Prof Dr Mansor Mohd Noor of UKM Inter-ethnic Studies Institute gave an opinion that peninsular Muslims were less tolerant when it came to questions on Islam than their Sarawak and Sabah brethren.

“For Muslims in East Malaysia, the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims is not a problem because their identity is tied to a tribe rather than to a religion,” Mansor has said in the article titled “Allah unites some and divides others”.

“Saying that is almost like saying we Sarawak Muslims are less Islamic than the ones in the peninsula just because we can tolerate Christians using ‘Allah’,” says Faisal.

East Malaysians of all creeds are passionate about their faith and identity but they were more accepting of each other, says Aeria.

“If you are saying that peninsular Muslims cannot be as tolerant as the ones in East Malaysia, are you saying that peninsular Muslims want to remain racist? What is wrong with emulating East Malaysian tolerance?”

Conversely, since the debate over whether to allow non-Muslims to use “Allah” is currently being determined in the peninsula, it seems that West Malaysians have no problems imposing their beliefs on East Malaysians.

And that, says those interviewed, would be very unfortunate for Sarawak and Sabah.

Click HERE for the source.

Sometimes, i just don't get it why the government not doing its best to stop this scary act and try to unite people? Keep playing with the division of ethnicity like a trump card just to make them keeps in power?

I actually don't really care about if the non-Muslim can use the name or not, but seems there are many Malay people who were not agree that the non-Muslim also can use it, well it's better to just not use it then? just trying to be rational here and by the way, this is my own opinion.

Plss CLICK ^^b

Errggghh...this sux..seriously..

Yea..yea~...Me just started my first semester 3 class a week ago on Wednesday, woohooo!! I'm so happy that we're gonna study in that damn new building for this new semester~

That's the building I'm talking about >.>

But what I don't like about this, is that we have to cross the road which is kinda troublesome yet fun to me and maybe same goes for the rest of the students and lecturers. But, why the hell should I complaint about this? You want to study there! just cross the damn road which only takes for 1 minute..

But today, when I went to HTM(Hospitality & Tourism Marketing) class with some of my usual mates from last semester, my 1st reaction was like, "woohooo!! What the F**K man! seriously! not cool..not cool.."

Ok! It's too damn crowded in a damn class, there's even some students from other intake and course in that class and how the hell are we gonna study in that kind of atmosphere? mmmm...but still, me gonna keep my mind positive! Don't worry be happy, everyone knows that, the lecturer also said that he's gonna try divide the class into several groups.

agak2 lah pren. bha mo peace out lu ni jo!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Malaysian Stereotype Peninsular Malaysia <.> Borneo part 2


INGAT! jangan cepat senang melatah lepas baca semua ini. If you can't stand any remarks that may sound offensive better press 'ALT + F4' now. Remember this is an old post. So it means this happened in the past and it's all just part of the history.

yea like I said before, we won't know when will this kind of stereotypes lasted. This time I got it again, the same old question about Sabah (Sarawakian as well) from east Malaysia. Lemme point out the weird question I've been asked from some people there again.

West Malaysian: What are you?

Me: Malaysian...

W.Malaysian: owh..I mean, are you Chinese, Indian or Malay?? well seems your name doesn't sounds like either Chinese or Malay, I assume you are Indian, am i right?

Me: doesn't mean my name sounds like this then you start assuming things like that. =o

W.Malaysian: owh i see, where are you from anyway?

Me: Sabah.

W.Malaysian: owh I thought you're from Malaysia.

Me: ......

1st I thought they were joking, but actually there will be some of them still don't know that Sabah is part of Malaysia. What surprised me even some educated people asking me this weird question. It's like a frog live in a well who only knows to see the sky from under the well but afraid to know about the sky.

Saya fikir sy satu org jah yang kena, ni salah satu komen dr


sa pun perna kena tanya....

ini x-room mate sa....mama dia doktor..bapa dia lawyer...kerja tinggi2...skali jumpa sa... "SABAH? KAT MANA TU?"

dia bukan tanya sa d Sabah bahagian daerah mana ok?

trus sa cakap la...."EH KAN SABAH DEKAT MALAYSIA JUGA?"


nama saja high educated...tapi?? SABAH PUN DURG NDA TAW...?? cam %$#& la....

This time, the stereotype gets to the outside of Malaysia.
Especially in the nearest neighboring country. When my cousin's aunt and her husband from Sabah stayed in Bangkok back then, she's still young though and already have a baby girl as their child, and then there's someone from the place they where staying at start having a lil chit-chat with em;

Thai.ppl: ooh so cute... where are you from my friend?

My cousin's aunt: Malaysia

Thai.ppl: are you Malay? (typical question for people from Malaysia)

My cousin's aunt:

Thai.ppl: Chinese? Indian?? japanese??? korean????

My cousin's aunt: ..........honey! please come help me!

Oki! That's not their fault actually, since they're not from Malaysia.

Even though some of the west Malaysian might know what is Sabah or Sarawak is! But still, they will assume the people from these states are 'LOW','orang hutan/kampung' or hicks.

Everyone's the same, human that is. Why people always like to judge others by races or where they come from??

I respect those people who are from the West/Peninsular Malaysia, but sometimes when you're too respect of someone, that 'someone' will start getting all haughty and high headed then sooner or later will forget oneself and start looking down on others. It happens not just between country or states but also between individual.

There's another forum I read again, there's is this guy from Sabah express something about west Malaysia, he said,
"ceh! tanpa sabah dorang mana bleh maju mcam skarang, tgk la sabah dulu kaya sebab hasil bumi kita jua, lepas gabung jd malaysia, minyak kita kena guna untuk pmbangunan sana ja! skarang pla sabah sudah jadi antara negeri yang trmiskin d negara ni! pencuri!"

He said, the west Malaysia will not be a developed country as it is now without the East Malaysian's oil or other resources, also because of that..Sabah became 1 of the poorest state in Malaysia.

But that was old story~ (Siapa suruh orang Sabah budu juga?) but still, don't forget the history but forgive it and learn from the history. But I will always love my country, even though shitz happen, we still can maintain our peace.

So now, my words to borneo ppl, don't start thinking and judging all of them were like that, that will just makes you part of the ignorant people who like to stereotyping others.

The problem is, when one's in majority, some particular people will usually like to take this opportunity against the minority, and started act and do something stup1d but still think they're somekind of intelligent people cuz they're in a group with high influence and power. This will eventually creates a bad perception in the majority, and the negative flows keep on gathering, then what happen next?

Disebabkan nila setitik, Rosak susu sebelanga

So, like I said before, as far as stereotyping goes, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. One idiot decides it would be fun to start it, and the rest follows. There’s only one problem, generalization is never a good idea and most of the time, there’s no basis in these accusations. It’s like expecting all the children to look identical because they came from the same womb. Take note that I don't in any way believe or support these stereotypes.

Support 1Malaysia.

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-Peace Out-

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reaksi pertama sy pada tahun 2010, skitar jam 0000

errrgggh...mcm brperang jah tym nw year tau, bnyi bom sna bom sni tym sy brada d kg, lpas abis letupkan suma mercun mereka, 20min kmudian tayar lori lg yg meletup..WTF! jantung sy pun mo ikut meletup jua...errrggg...mata sy blik2 membeliak stiap letupan yg dibuat tym tu, tayar lori pla buat sy melumpat @_@ (sy sdg tido la tym ni, sy x sambut such thing as nw year countdown tym tu)..ZzzZZZz

lol typo btul!

*SaMbUnG TiDo*



Yea, just then my dad preaching in the car about an acquittance of his was scammed by the church after he invested RM80,000 to the church. All his money were..well GONE out of the blue(nah not rly). Well, I was kinda shocked, even a church can involve in an investment scandal lol wtf.

Then my dad started preaching about other related topic, and now it's about internet scammer, like someone send you an email or maybe lots and telling you about you will get this and that(or should I say 'spammer') and then at last telling you to give your bank account password..etc.

At that time, I was trying to express some of my opinions, but when I started just a couple of words then as usual he's censured me. Oki that's rly annoying but I have to silence eventually(dammit!). Here what he said:

Dad: SEMUA itu benda tipu jah tu! Saya uda kena banyak kali, nenek ko lagi teruk dikasih kena. (EVERYTHING are lies!! I've encounter all those shitz in numerous times now,ur granma was the worse one gets the result from this.)

Me: eeehh...bukan kamu pun termasuk juga kah tu, kasih kena org tua kamu sndri..?
(eeehh..u guys were involved in scamming to ur old man too didn't cha..?)

Dad: Itulah Tuhan tidak suruh berjudi, sama tidak adil juga klu seseorang tu cpat kaya tanpa brusaha pun, nda adil bg org lain.(that's why in God's word, thou shall not commit gambling)

Me: ohoho! yakah? jadi yang dadi slalu p bli nombor ekor kuda tu pa? bukan brjudi kah jua namanya tu? =O (ohoho! really? so what's with the jackpot you always buy then? is it not gamble you say? =O)

ALL: ..........................

Diam juga kamu akhirnya...