Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Malaysian stereotype! (West/Peninsular Malaysia <.> Borneo) XD

INGAT! jangan cepat senang melatah lepas baca semua ini. If you can't stand any remarks that may sound offensive better press 'ALT + F4' now. Remember this is an old post. So it means this happened in the past and it's all just part of the history.

I don't wanna sound bad here, but some Malaysian from the peninsular(west Malaysia) always like to ask me this kinda questions before (i don't know about now), maybe some of you people from Borneo too i dont kno but maybe... even my other friends share the same experience when they were at the peninsular, the west Malaysian might first ask you---------

"Wh3Re aRe YoU fRoM??"

You kno what, i got this question like i don't kno how many times already but gets annoying when you answering the same answer all over and over again, and sometimes they prolong this situation, lots more questions followed after that, and usually sound don't make sense anymore O__o"

Usually i got this question from the internet, especially from ONLINE GAMES, for example: ragnarok on9, last chaos on9 malay ver (i also play USA ver.), cabal on9, RAN...etc. Also, I've been there before for holiday. It's better if you go to the peninsular Malaysia yourself, you will experience it...well keep reading...

oki, here are SOME of the questions being asked from our friends there...and when i have had it, i just answer them with the super duper high demented intelligent way of thinking.

W.Malaysian: where are you from?

me: ummm..I'm from Sabah.

W.Malaysian: ow i see, where is that?

me: The island we call Borneo the east Malaysia.

W.Malaysian: owh..i know now, but i thought you people were still live on trees??

me: OW yea we are!

me: we used to climb the trees to where our house is, but this time we have elevators to go up there, we also used to swing from branch to branches if we wanna visit our neighbors from other trees, but this time we also have bridges up there, but we still used the traditional ways, it's more fun =p

W.Malaysian:...... so umm, how can you guys go to West Malaysia?

me: Well of course we will go there, by SWIM through the south China sea^^ it's not that hard, all of us doing it, this habit has been passed down since our ancestors^^ it's not even far anyway, it just 700+ miles somethin.

W.Malaysian: how the hell you can get online from TREESSS???

me: owh that, actually we got no internet here, we just created a wireless modem from trees! check it out it's kewl!

W.Malaysian: owh..i also heard that..well i dont kno but do you people still cut people's head off?

me: YEAAASS!! you wanna see the picture of my granpa decapitate someone's head off?

W.Malaysian: much things have changed since you guys heard of us?


WELL, there were lots of noobish questions i got from SOME of em there, i will say once more, NOT ALL of em were like that, but there will SOME of em will ask this kinda questions, even a taxi driver i met from the peninsular said "Sabah is not Malaysia." owh WTF?! HAHA!! i dont know when will this lasted, only God knows.

So my msg to Malaysians that didnt know about Malaysia, go to bookstores or at least nearby gas stations and buy a map of Malaysia, it worth every ringgits of yours if it educates you about ur own country :p

As far as stereotyping goes, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. One idiot decides it would be fun to start it, and the rest follows. There’s only one problem


generalization is never a good idea and most of the time, there’s no basis in these accusations. It’s like expecting all the children to look identical because they came from the same womb. Take note that I do not in any way believe or support these stereotypes.

me: so how bout Brunei then? do you know where is that^^ just dont starts bringing the globe everywhere trying to find Brunei^^

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Ooops said...

"So my msg to Malaysians that didnt know about Malaysia" - how is it possible? LOL

~#vera#~ said...

i just got another 1 today! this time from XD
from a Malaysian too! O_o