Friday, September 23, 2011

Karate Tournament in SARAWAK!

Yep! tha event was held at Hockien Hall, Bintulu, Sarawak.

There were more than 200 participants including me during that day.

and there were 12 of us from Sabah team joined the tournament, and i just can't believe our 'BEST FRIEND' or should i say the KL team also went to the tournament and i was like ow well...WTF!

oki the story is like this...~~

On 15th September, me and the other 3 karateka siblings from M.A.S.K Sabah with their mother arrived at Bintulu airport around 2pm something then straight to H5 inn,

"YO!! WASSUP SABAH TEAM!! welcome! welcome to Bintulu! WACHAAAA!!!!", the restaurant owner greets us after we arrived at H5 inn which is just next to their restaurant.

"Don't forget to eat at my restaurant ah?!"

"ow yeah...SURE!", my only thought that day is to eat, eat and EAT after i got there.

I gotta was VERY BORING here, WHY?

cuz we can't go much farther from the hotel site, got no car? how to go to other places aside from where we're staying? haiyaaa!!!

and me also forgot to bring along my laptop...seriously it was hellishly boring that time,

aside from jogging, eating and sleeping, me continuously watching these three siblings arguing and head aching their mother,

there was one time i order a lamb chop with black pepper sauce on it via room service, and the brats' mother said,

"don't eat the lamb chop! it will give you fever!"

sorry didn't mean to be smart here but just where the hell did she comes up with that theory?? i ordered it with my own money by the way.

YES! i was staying with the same room as them in that one day only after we arrived cuz actually we got sponsored by some 'Dato' dude for the tournament thingy but the sponsor only covered for 2 nights staying at a hotel/inn at Bintulu which starting on the 16th - 17th and we got there on 15th. BAGOS! Sepa suruh tidak pandai sabar mau cuti!


The welcome dinner food was a BLAST! delicious but the musician and the hip hop? dancers was humorous! i was laughing my ass off! it was so bad in a good way! lolz!


The tournament day! oki i'll make it quick kay, our team only got 1 gold and the rest got silver including me, and ow! 1 bronze...sux..

i can't believe i lose just bcuz of diarrhea, yeah..i got diarrhea during my sparring match, i almost lose during the semi-final as well...ow man so many people have to take down! at last i can't hold my fucked up stomach already during the final, EPIC FAILED! lulz!

the very last match was EPIC! which is between a karateka from KL against a Goshin Ryu fighter from Sarawak (i don't know from which region), as well as the second last match between KL team against Sabah team in the final match (male sparring match).

one of our member also helping the KL team by joining their sparring team match(female) which needed to have 3 karateka in it.

and lastly, the KL team won the overall match! Congratulation! someday i'm not gonna lose again! pfftt...

i hope i won't get diarrhea again, and never eat a lamb chop with black pepper sauce before the match.

You know what i mean...

"see!! i told you it will give you fever!!"

fever my ass...


haha that's all...

-peace out-