Thursday, December 3, 2009


Came home..and then..start nagging...WTF

Owh yeah, me sometimes can't take it but i have to take it, but you know what...THIS IS LIFE!! These are some of the stuffs that play in my mind about my parents:

-Woops! since when you changed your hair style? I almost don't recognize you^^

-owh man...the house's peacefulness have been ruined by their nagging. huhu

-you guys left home at 6am and get back home at around 10pm-2am..nice..

-sometimes i hate you guys, sometimes i like you guys, sometimes..indifferent..

-Every time I try to understand them, it makes me go even farther from them.

-But don't worry I'll try to come back even nearer to you guys^^

-Even it felt weird the hell outta me..emmm...*shudder*

-Yeah.I don't really close with my parents. sad..


-I still love you guys.

-In indirect way.

-because that's my way.