Thursday, April 29, 2010

That CAT is so...~~ XD

There was once upon a night that is, MMMMMM...

Oki the story is like this!

At 9.30p.m. something.

My dad has just got out from the bathroom, without his clothes on, well of course with a towel on.

Then a cat gets into the house, and now it's in the house.

Me as usual, is in facebooking and youtube mode.

My mom, just got home from her work place.

This is where it all start.

My dad is holding an apple he got from the fridge. While eating it, that cat of mine looking at him begging for pity so it can get a taste of an apple. Well of course, CAT can't eat apple!

My dad knew that so he told the cat to 'ShU-ShU' while swinging his hand the one with an apple to the cat.

That cat was like, "woooohooo~~ is that a FISH on your hand?! <3 "

Then friggingly suddenly, that cat jumps onto my dad's body, anyone would freak out if that happens.

That ol'man was like, "oooiiiWAWwawawaaa!!"

*push the cat off from his body*

Me was like, "oi pop what are you guys doing owh...?" *looks at them*


That cat just took off my dad's towel from his body, my mom was rolling on the sofa laughing out loud.

That cat really made my night, lolz

What a naughty cat~ XD



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