Monday, April 26, 2010

So what the FUCK?!

I think I'm annoyed too much when someone labeling me as, satan worshiper? just because i listen to metal song? WHAT THE FUCK is that?!!!

STUPID! DUMB! IDIOT! generalization of all time in my life, satan worshiper? You've gotta be shitting on me! That is too SUPERFICIAL statement!

You see, I listen to almost all kinds of song, from pop to rock to ballad to orchestra to hip hop to metal. Do you know that every general genre that I've listed down has more subgenre in it? Like for example Hip hop genre, it has R&B, trip hop, alternative hip hop, funk music, ambiance, trance and so on as its SUBGENRE music!

Some hip hop artist and fan don't like the sound of some subgenre music, so that's why the sound from this genre and subgenre keep evolving and being experimented with some other genre or/and subgenre, for example Rapcore (hip hop with fusion of hardcore punk and rap rock), how many genre and subgenre does it has there?

Now, it's the same thing like METAL song! Not all metal sound the same! not everything is about satanism and blablabla! WHAT THE FUCK!

Then when I asked, "have you ever listen to some of it?"

Of course they have listen to it just like that~~
and of course they don't like it, Because it's not something that they used to~~
so like i would care if you like it or not but labeling people who listen to that kind of music as satan worshiper? Wow lol! your stupidity makes me laugh.
Stupid stereotype ever.

Not because I listen to it just to makes me look cool or anything which poser would think of.
NO I listen to it because I like it, so what's the problem with that? You don't like it because it's not something that you used to listen, so don't listen to it and BULLSHITTING about those people who listen to it. Isn't that easy.