Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Booyaah! XD

Did I told you guys about how the hell my mobile phone went missing out of the blue from only within the house? Then my dad said that my cat is the one who stole it, and then what's next?'s gone forever.

Don't know? click this LINK.

Then it's my dad turns, his wristwatch also gone out of the blue in the same way like my mobile phone, and then he ask me where the hell his wristwatch went missing to and blablabla...

Then i answered him, "I think a dog has stole it!"

Then we heard the dogs from next door start barking like like...they saw something that human usually can't see. (or maybe they were just playing with my dad's wristwatch after they stole it..)

Then the both of us (my dad and me) look at each other.

Booyyaah!! GOTCHA ol'man! XD