Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grow up!! Dammit!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you see these two parties with different opinion, different intelligence(sometimes equally the SAME!) and with the same stupid arrogant attitude fighting each other?

and both of them were my friends..=.="

Sometimes i find them very annoying and dumb as fuck, fuck you? owh fuck? how many 'F' words i've just stated?

They were mad! mad! bullshit boastfully with lots of bullshits!

Sometimes it's fun to watch their stupidity though, even i'm one of their friends...
BUT it's not like i'm going to leave them just like that.
You see, it's hard to think of any way of solving the problem when they're in that kind of situation, they were too busy feeding their anger and pride, and keep on fighting until one of them are going down! There are no more 'both parties WIN situation'.

When someone is run out of idea what is to bullshit next, sometimes they will twist some stuffs and making lotsa story, just to please themselves while topple the opposition as low as possible, from a small matter turns into a big commotion! what the fuck!

As a friend, sometimes i have to meddle into such commotion as a neutral side party just to stop them from keep on, even though they don't and wont like it. Hey! just because i'm not with the same 'study place' with you guys anymore, it doesn't mean that i don't care about you guys anymore. Dammit!

There's nothing to be proud of if you guys are such an arrogant motherfucker with such low intelligence and simple minded.

HEY! Grow up!! Dammit!

and im talking this to myself as well.