Monday, April 19, 2010

I've just got tagged~

1. Link and thank the person (s) who awarded you.
2. State 7 things about yourself.
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1. Thanks ANYS~~ XD

7 things about MEEY?


1). Me like to SMILE, usually with a frown eyebrow ^_^
Even at that time I'm very mad or moody, me still doing it, it helps me to cool down faster. People around me, and mah friends hardly to see me getting angry or sad. Until one time they start thinking that I'm a cold-hearted person.

2). Actually the fact that me being a cold-hearted person is kinda true...another fact about me is, I dislike showing sympathy to others, I also dislike people being pity on me. I think it's a waste of time if you just showing sympathy blindly. Like when you showing sympathy towards the disable people, have you ever think that will make them look 'LOW'? don't know? have you ever ask them? yea i do.

There's one time I'm on my way going back home, I saw this one ol'man sitting on the sidewalk, hes a beggar, but he knows how to play violin very effing good! But seems like no one there to listen to his playing, so I walk towards him and give him some 30 Malaysian dollar, some of the pedestrian look at me and think that I'm a good kid after I done that, then that ol'man thanked me and I replied,

"not at all, I won't do that if you ain't got anything to show me, I only pay you because I want you to play me one music *insert smiley face here*"

3). I love to be alone~ but I NEVER think that im lonely~ since the fact that im an introverted person. There's nothing to be proud of, I just can't stand myself in the crowd, if im in that kind of situation, i will started to make serious face which is the sign of getting annoyed and uncomfortable. But i really don't care as long as im with my friend at that time ^^

4). I don't like...SPOIL BRAT!! RAWR!!! miow....o.o
I don't like those spoil brats who always think that they're lonely because their parents don't seem to care about them, i don't like it when they don't wanna listen to others but instead telling others to listen to them, who like to raise their voice when talk to their parents even though they're right (that's not the way to treat ur ol peeps).

Although me always have different opinions with my ol peeps at home, and often having a debate about it especially with my dad, BUT I ALWAYS RESPECT them!! they're my parents anyway. Even though my mum is about to be transfer to somewhere else that has something to do with her job, I always say YES, im ready to be independent ^^

Even though my dad is very egoistic person, but he is more experience than me, me always listen to him, he is arrogant in a good way, sometimes he annoyed the fuck outta me! but he's like the coolest ol man ever! XD

5). When I start imagine lots of stuffs, I start being in a random-mode person, that's where I unintentionally making lots of jokes, and then people start calling me funny, crazy and ...weird.

6). I love listening to metal song, from traditional heavy metal song to modern metal song. I dislike listening to selfish EMO song, I mean if the lyric sound so emotionally selfish. But I still like listening to angst-lyrical theme song.

7). Like my dad, Im a very egoistic person, very hard-hearted and cold-hearted person, even if im sad, i wont cry! That will just makes me look low.
BUT! I always control my arrogant-ness, I will always help those who really need help, I do care about others feeling. Well, do non-arrogant people exist?

15 bloggers that deserve this award~

Suzanne, Addy, eyntan, Victor Lo, mikee ミケエ, Freda Jane, Myrz, Kenneth Poh, ANYS(sja ja letak hikhik ^^), chessa, gladys...and that's all at the moment.


Suzanne Tham said...

Btw, its SUZANNE bah....T.T....hahaha
TQ for the award....LOL

-Virut- said...

oops! oki! me already make a correction bout that XD

blik2 silap eja nama ko XD