Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last night...

Last night,....mmmm...what about it?

I'm bored.
I don't have any mood to do revision for my final exam.
Damn! I'm procrastinating!
Feel a lil down...errgh

FUCK! enough of this bullshit moments!

Oki, last night our HTM(Hospitality & Tourism Management) subject lecturer has just showed us our final result of that subject...and owh! Me only got A3..though I'm happy with it, but my mood last night is pretty fucked up, maybe because i was being lectured again by my dad when I'm studying at that time..errrghh...Sometime it makes me really wanna say this,

"DAMMIT! I'm a fucking 18 years old kid for fuck sake! stop lecturing me like im still an 8 years old brat for a while! especially when I'm studying!"

But I just kept it to myself, better just shut my fuck up and stop studying for a while or else all those papers and other stationery will fly to his face.

Not enough with that, i saw one of my friends' status in facebook, state something that makes me really wanna throw shit in it, and i did. Maybe it's because of my fucked up mood....and i don't seem to like that person anyway, since after the day she used and back-stabbed me just to cover herself, but i've forgave her, but she doesn't seem to learn from that old mistake, still the same old ego with stupidity and envy towards her own friend.

I already told her to go and read this post, but she answer me like, "what are you talking about? i dont understand you."

Owh well, i don't want to meddle in until that time comes.