Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip to Sapi Island XD~ woot

Yesterday, after all the crazy days I have been through with college mates, it's time to go for a relaxing vacation with some of my mates in Moral Studies subject to Sapi Island, but actually i just wanna stay at home or maybe go for a movie or something else that can relax me other than go to the island with some other intakes and course students.

Well since it's part of our project assignment, to clean tha seashore~ which is already CLEAN, so we have no choice but havta go anyway. By the way, i wanna get myself tanned.

It's a small island near the capital city of Sabah, and this was my first time went to an island...auww..really?.. :3

There, we did lots of stuffs like; jungle trekking, swimming, barbecue, fishing, photographing and sleeping. Unfortunately, i can't go to swim since i didn't bring any spare clothes, and also i can't take any single picture since my phone is not with me anymore..huhu..well at least my mates help took some of our pictures.

cian suzanne, nda dapat mandi di laut yg cantik di pulau trsebut, nanti kuar 'alarm' dr santutnya...LOL!!
saya pn nda dpat mandi...takut nt berbau pofium cap ikan dan budak di dalam bas nanti.