Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a damn test!

Every time I login into my facebook account, i always see people whining and whimper and complaining and blablabla~ about lots of stuffs, and unfortunately me also included.

I do like to do that too, that's one of my method to express some of my shitty stuffs, but now..i started to try to STOP doing that. I think it is normal now like people look down on you, envy at you, judgmental on you, mad at you and bullshitting behind your back..etc

HEY! shits happen you know, that's how life is.

Even after you've wrote that stuff in ur status, those particular people will laugh at ya, mock at you, they luv it as long as they think you are LOW or not competent, as long as you haven't show what-so-good-about-you to them. They like to see you fall and give up. They don't know about you, cuz they don't wanna know about it.

When i think back again about all those words I've written down in my status in facebook and also in my damn friggin blog, it makes me think that..urrgghh..this is such an infantile am I....

It didn't bring any good either, full of anger and hatred, i didn't get any good by doing that.

I think every time i do that, it's like I'm showing my weakness to them; I never learn how to grow up even though i'm already 18(cuz i hate it, less fun y'know =3 ).

Do you realize that almost 90% of those people who saw that kind of status are annoyed? Even some of them posting comment with nice words on that kind of status are just..well..pretending to be nice.

Just ignore those type of people, don't tend to follow our heart too much until we forgot how to use our brain. That's what people call it a test right?

I ignore it doesn't mean I run away,

I don't want to see things like looking at it without understanding it,

I have a life that is more important to succeed than taking care of bunch of noobs,

I want to be more open-minded about the situation I'm in,

I want to grow up even though I've always being let down.

Even you will see me acting all carefree, cheerful and playful person, but it doesn't mean that I don't have any serious side.

So why don't you start understand about your weakness instead of whine about it, if yo have the time to whine why don't you do something about it?