Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oi! ol man..I'M FOR REAL!!!! dammit


oki oki..the story is like this..

My dad telling me to water my mom's flowers and somethings being planted at the back of the house at night around 9 and a half something like that.

Then, while i was having not in a damn good time watering those stuffs, cuz for some reasons i felt something very weird or should i say "not delicious liver" (direct translation from 'tidak sedap hati')...oki for some reasons i just started to feel anxiety at that time.

Then suddenly, i heard this one sound like chicks chuckling in a middle of what the fuck! i was like what the fuck! since when someone pet chicks and chickens??? yea! i would say that again. I try to find where the hell is that sound comin from, it sounds so low but i still manage to hear it.

Then i saw something, it's on the tree..well it looks like someone were there playing hide and seek, got no fucking body and making a fucking weird sound and have a fucking red eyes! What's next? im fucking get the hell outta there! wowowowowoWWWOOWW!! kimek pnya balan2!!

When i was already inside the house, i told my dad about that thing i just saw, and he was like, "mmm...? KO MANGIGAU lagi sana! memang ko suka tul fikir bukan2! ko p siram suma tu bunga diluar! CAPAT!!"....kick tul slang sabahan ko orang tua! (SENDIRI!!!!!!!)

Oiii...saya betul2 bah ni.. T.T

The next day, i heard the same sound again..errkk...tu orang tua pun merepek lagi dgn dunia dia sndiri sambil minum beer dia. gawd dammit! DX