Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It seems easy but...

Today, our chef just taught us how to make Roti Canai..mmm..what the hell is 'Roti Canai' anyway? it's one of a food can be found in Malaysian cuisine =p
it's similar to Kerala porotta (south Indian flatbread) from Indian cuisine. Of course, Roti canai won't be perfect without the spicy chicken curry and beef rendang, me love spicy food by the way. ^^

Then one of the student trying to flatten the dough by...make it fly like a bread shouldn't do it, next thing happens, disaster happened. Then next, my turn to do it(after being forced though) since everyone seems to..too shy to do it, scare cuz disaster will happen to them too..and owh..another second disaster by me, im a first timer anyway! >_<

owh well, then im telling them to do it too so they can stop laughing and experience the disaster while making that bread thingy goes
and owh~ everyone having fun today, real fun ^_^
Even though it didn't look like the usual 'Roti Canai' we can get from 'mamak stall.' seems easy to do that when you look at someone doing it, and then when you were told to do it, then..especially for those who are still first timer about this kinda's not easy as you thought ^_^

(dang! i need more practice to perfect it >_<)

dui gia...happy ending bah.... o.o