Friday, March 26, 2010

At the ExHiBiTiOn

Leeches are good for health! ^^
it looks cute but at the same time makes me...uurrrgggghhhh!! woowowowoww!! don't let those stuffs near me! if ya do! im so gonna #@%#@%#%@^%&^%&%^!! (oh my..)

Today, some of mah mates and me went to Padang Merdeka, what is it in EnGriSh? Independent field? XD (anotha direct translate there), in KK. I thought there were some circus people there or something that's gonna be fun and loud, but it's not.

There were exhibition there, i don't really know what kinda exhibition is it, but i do saw some cows? goats? ostrich, karabau pun ada bah klu ko! i mean buffalo, and something green, i mean plant.

I bought a hand-made chocolate there, and a SOAP??!! what kinda soap?

That person who sell that stuff told me something about that special soap, and of course when i say special, it is SPECIAL which has the benefit to throw away toxin from our body and something more, and yea i think i have lots of toxins inside me too.

Then, when i thought we're about to go home, my mates started to talk about leeches, then i recall something, yea there were leeches at the place where i bought my special soap...then we going back there to see those cutie thingy...uurrgh..and to play those stuffs...YAY!


After all those screaming and moaning when playing with the leeches, well at least that thing can't jump or im gonna kill ya! It's time to go back home, when the national anthem about to start, we were all run away as fast as we could so we don't havta stand still and sing along but unfortunately..we were too late.

Sempat lg dorang takutkan Suzanne dgn sesuatu yg menyerupai lintah

-peace out-