Saturday, March 6, 2010

menyuludup kereta mama, apa punya anak!

yea yea..the title says it all ;-p
The heck is that suppose to mean?

Well yesterday night(Friday), my parents went to our village 80km from here, and left me alone at home like usual. So i used this chance to bring some of my friends sleep over my house at that night^^ HOHO!

Then my friends telling me to join them go duty to their school for the school's event tomorrow(Saturday).

Here are some pictures that we? took when my friend forced me to lend my mum's car for a test drive yesterday(Friday),...but then they want to do it again today(Saturday) after finished with our duty for school's event at the same day.


Kena kikis mukanya

Errkk..Jan kasih dekat kepala ko ngan saya!

Ini ada high-quality sket gambarnya

Berebut wireless...

Jadi cyber cafe free dah rumah saya...

ASTAGA!!! ALALALA!! kena rogol si suzie oleh si carol! secara LIVE lg nie~ HAHA!

Kepenatan selepas 'berbuat' LOL