Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secure the insecure

owh~~ I know that some of you scare of losing the feeling of love and secure, that just shows how human is, sometimes people don't care about what's going to happen to others as long as you feel comfortable and place in a secure boundary.

Some might think their friends are everything to them, or family is everything to them, or both. Since there is the place where they can feel being love or secure. Love can be very selfish and killing too ya know, when they feel in too much love, and there's one time their family don't give enough love like they use to get, they tend to whine about it, saying that they don't care about them, this is like most of the spoil brats out there will think, like me used to think too.

When some of their friends which only just acting friendly but not really real friend or maybe a best friend left them, owh my! the feeling of love from friends, has just went bye bye~

The selfish feeling will soon to take over its place, make the particular person who think he/she in a tragic situation feeling furious or/and lonely.

Most people will drop a couple of tears after being back-stabbed, left by friend/family, or's okay to cry about it, but crying all the time is not a solution to fix the problem and like someone would care?

Like people would fucking CARE??!! well mostly were just pretending since maybe they dont understand how it feels like. Im sick of being sympathy, why dont you start empathy?..

People just havta face the truth that might hurt them and get over it later then and get up not giving up and give lots of reasons to give up until it kills you little by little until you feel dying from the inside (awwhh!! im so in insecure boundary right now!)

Stop casting a tragic character all the damn time just to get a dying love which already left you. Sometimes, things that hurt us makes us stronger and mature, don't expect anything to go smooth.

Sometimes truth can be painful reality. If yo feeling insecure, secure it back like the negative charge against positive charge.

ME? i would do anything to do that, i don't like feeling insecure, but still i need time to do that..we're a human after all.