Friday, July 30, 2010

My 20 cent...o.o

Yesterday class was supposed to have cooking practical class but all we did were carving watermelon, carrot and some other fruits for the first practical class, and cleaning the class only for 2 and a half hour for the 2nd practical class.

Then we decided to visit Tong Hing supermarket because mah friends wanted to buy strawberry there, but it's too expensive. Next, we were thinking about going to some places to have lunch (it was around 4-5pm already at that time), so we went to KK Plaza; there were some kiosks that sell lots of foods including Martabak, aahh~~ i missed that food ;O
So we bought some of it and other things as well.

It was rainy day and again i always forgot to bring an umbrella. My 20 cent repeatedly fell on that day, mmmm....bad luck perhaps? Well I didn't get one. Now i have to wait for fasting month so i can buy more yummy foods on that time ;D