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Byronic Hero (love it or Hate it?)



It is one of the sub-type of ANTIHERO and most people will hate to love it because of how annoying + intense they can be portrayed or hate to hate it because of how sympathetic and magnetic they are being portrayed. Just what is it anyway?

You will know that character is a BYRONIC HERO when you felt the whole atmosphere around that character is so dark and ice cold, the whole existence of that character makes ya Goosebumps, you might think that character is either insane or mentally ill, you would feel that character is so scary, confusing, and very mysterious. Most of his clothes are black in color or any dark version of clothes (not really). That character is so emotionally disturbed but stoic, OMG TOO GOTHIC! This character is so self-centered and self-justification too much, sometimes you would think that this character is oddly romantic, and you just don’t wanna make him upset or the already dark atmosphere will starting to get thicker…

"Yo talking about me?!"

The ‘Byronic’ description is typically reserved for male characters (again, not really)

Knight In Sour Armor -> Byronic Hero -> Villain

or perhaps it's like this =

Knight In Sour Armor + Villain = Byronic Hero

Byronic Hero is a dark counterpart of an Idealistic Hero or an ace.

The Byronic Hero will either be like these:

1. He is a character that struggle to find the TRUTH of some issues. If he already knows the truth, he will try to reveal the truth through cynical action. (the good? byronic)

2. He is a villain that happens to be a protagonist. Then later on it is revealed that he was not the real villain. WTF (the anti-villain)

3. He just plain sociopath mothafucka who don't give a shit and quite selfish, and all he care is to achieve his own personal objective. (the total evil byronic)

Well still the Byronic is not much of a villain but still their action is not so different than the bad guy in the story, the only thing that makes them still being sympathized by the audiences is because they had a pretty rough life and full of tragic flaws which make things so intense and make you go "AARGH! WTF!! =O" the whole time.

Byronic Hero is usually quite educated, he knows many stuffs. His intelligent, charismatic and cunning attitude is what make this man dangerous and unpredictable.

Most of the time he always do things by himself, a freaking loner with the status of an exiled or if not he is an outlaw with no love from anyone. Don't worry, there will be more people starting to love this guy as the story progress.

Max Payne from a neo-noir video game.

Byronic Hero is prone to melodrama. He will tend to be bound by his past, a dark and troubled past.

Woohoooo~ im so sad~

The Byronic sure have quite an abusive behavior (a jerk!) and of course they don't mean to (i wish) and will feel guilty (uh-huh?) about it but they are just too flawed to be a real HERO.

That 'hero' will often struggling with himself from within, he got quite a complex and conflicting emotion which affect most of his action and all the drama in the story.

Which path should ya choose? Quick make a goddam move!

and many other negative behaviors like; self-hatred/critical, cynical and jaded, self-destructive, brooding, obsessive, and poor integrity. While the darker one, he will tend to be sexual fetish and lustful.

Their weakness and strength are their EGO. People will likely to get confused either they're on tha good side or tha bad side. Most of the time, he's on nobody sides, well he can be in anybody sides, double triple agent perhaps? The Byronic always walk in between the good and evil sides if he want or had to, he's the most neutral character in the story.

He hates to be in a crowd or anything that has to do with social shits, privilege and the higher ups, and very rebellious. Well because he has been rejected by the society, or maybe he's the one who does so.

and don't expect him to be honorable, he will always got something up his sleeve that is just plain dirty. If the byronic hero is a martial artist, expect him to play dirty fight and he may not have any redeeming quality.

He’s smiling while telling those people that celebrating his birthday to get out.

'Byronic Hero' is originally from the man called Lord Byron.

Just because they look all dark and melancholy, they are not in any way an EMO! They’re very ambitious, determined, and independent person. More likely a Gothic character.

I'm dying to know what is under his mask when watching this movie!

In my opinion, Byronic hero is like the most controversial type of antihero and a very complex character.

Many serial killer, vampire, avenger, hackers, mercenary, detective, intelligent criminal, mafia, castaway and vagabond are likely to be a Byronic hero.

Byronic Hero is a mix of; tragic hero, knight in sour armor, vigilante, fallen hero, broken hero, romantic hero, charismatic, Gothicism, anti-hero and anti-villain.

He can be as a loser guy or just plain normal dude at first but then shitS happen which makes him becoming almost like a villain, and then after all that he seek for redemption and becoming a good guy, he's still struggling to become heroic though. Like Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist for example.

or perhaps the author loves experimenting the character so much.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. “

Don’t you think adolf hitler fits this trope? His arrogant is tha BOOM! He's cunning, charismatic, obsessive, troubled, ambitious- he tried so hard to unite the Europe nations from his own sense of justice, super confident, caring and loyal to his family and people, mysterious even after his death.

There’s one interesting novel-graphic’s character named Vincent Nightray.

He’s quiet, very intelligent and skillful, he uses his brain to manipulate others, charismatic and magnetic, has traumatic childhood past, he can work with the bad and good people without them knowing, secretive, prone to melodrama, and people just don’t know who the hell is this dude- he’s so mysterious is.

mmm...he's not the main character actually, but if he does, we got LELOUCH in tha house!

Fetish fuel much..?

His rival is no different…not quite


"Humans cannot reject temptation. When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to hell, they will hold on to anything that may help them escape from the situation they are in, even if it's merely a spider's thread. No matter what sort of humans they are."

oki that is one good looking DEVIL right there. Many fangirls are just so crazy about this guy even though he’s obviously evil, well he's only kill villain anyway...and some poor victims who get in tha way.

Better run for your life now...

Is there any hope for a Byronic Hero to turn into tha good side? YUP! The power of love should do it.

Well most of the times, love is the main reason why Byronic hero became evil and troubled in the first place.

Like this:
Romeo: “noooo Juliet why do you have to die??” *attempt suicide*
Juliet: *woke up from her fake death* “noooooo Romeo!!!” *kill herself*

What the fuc-...
oki! most of the time they're not like that.

Many modern antiheroes are likely to be a Byronic Hero.

I know right...

If a Byronic Hero has realized their bad or evil doing, they will become a Knight In Sour Armor. If not, just kill him! Or maybe he's the one who'll sacrifice himself (final redemption)

If the story that focus on a Byronic Hero as the main character, the story would have lil or no moral value at all, the morality value is more on super evil vs evil or evil vs less evil kind of morality.

In the end, the Byronic is considered as a hero by some people and also a villain by some people.

I gotta say that i love the byronic hero cuz they're the most interesting antihero ever.

Byronic hero will usually have his light counterpart rival; if Byronic hero is a ‘dark’ type character, his rival would likely to be a ‘bright/light’ type character with more hero attributes. His rival can be his bestfriend, a HERO, an ANTI-VILLAIN, sometimes can be an idiot hero, or a LOVER.

Example of Byronic Hero characters:

-Batman (a modern vampire?)
-Severus Snape from Harry Potter
-Prince Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender
-that dude from Iron Man, what his name again? Tony?
-Prince of Persia (game version especially in warrior within)
-V from V for Vendetta
-Veer Singh from Veer
-Frank Castle from The Punisher
-James "Sawyer" Ford from Lost
-Guts from Berserk (he's totally FIT this than any other animemanga antihero character)
-Sasuke & Itachi Uchiha
-Light Yagami
-Satan from Paradise Lost (ow yes)
-Magneto from X-men
-Vegeta from DragonBall Z
-Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars
-The Phantom (Erik) frm The Phantom of Opera
-Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michealis
-Lelouch Lamperouge
-Gregory House
-Dexter Morgan
-Tony Montana
-Koinzell from Ubel Blatt
-Vincent Nightray and Glen Baskervilles from Pandora Hearts
-Ryo Narushima from Shamo
-Wee Meng Chee a.k.a 'Namewee'
-Agent 47 from Hitman movie, he's more like a villain in the game.
-Sherlock Holmes 2009 movie
-The traits of Scorpio in astrology sign can be consider as this.

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the manga one~ when it say " I despised that light"... Booo..
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the best example of real life byronic heroes are terrorist and corrupt politician and also corrupt priest.

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huh? wtf yo talking about mista anonymous above me?! ow wait, me also anonymous

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what do you think?
can Eric Northman, the character from True Blood, be considered as byronic hero??

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