Monday, July 26, 2010

All animations are CARTOON

You think so?

I actually don't really mind about it, but since i hardly talking and sharing about my interest to someone that has the same interest about animemanga thingy like me like old times and ppl around seems so mean recently, so i just have to keep all those thoughts for's NOT FUN... =.="

I always think that, why most of those people out there who don't like this kinda stuff seem to think like this, "anime? you watch cartoon? so childish" "you read comic? you should start reading novel instead of a childish book"

Then this so-called 'ALL ANIMATIONS ARE CARTOON' stereotype is then created. Same goes to 'ALL COMICs ARE FOR KIDs' stereotype. owh boy...

It's not that i don't respect their opinion, but this is just gonna make those comic books and animemanga fans out there seem not being respected, their interest seems lame don't cha think?

Anime is a culture to itself, adored by fans all over the world. Unlike animation in other countries, Japanese anime prides itself on its character development and intricate story lines. In America, animation is usually pushed aside as “childish,” but in Japan animation is merely another form of filmmaking. As shown by the many violent (and often graphic) shows animation isn’t only for children.

I do read bunch of novels and other literature stuffs out there, fiction and non-fiction. You know what, it was all the same; about telling story, art, and entertainment.

To those people who like to talk shit about animemanga, answer these; have you tried to read or watch some of it by different genre before ya start judging the whole thing?

Why do you call it a childish stuff anyway? Logically, what's the best reasons ya can give?

Or maybe for you, it is just an annoying moving animated people that makes ya think it's worth hating? Hating, so that will makes ya seem so not childish? A mature person lar kan.

Or it's just you brainwashing yourself to makes ya think so simple and closed-minded.

Try to tell lil kid to read Death Note, a psychological thriller manga, or try to judge Now And Then Here and There animated series, a story about kid soldier killing other kids and women and bunch of others, hey~ it's an animation right, so it's still in for-kid-to-watch category right? Or just go pick up some mature manga and then tell the world it's for-kid stuff.

Oki enough!

Human's patience has its limit. Susah btul maw relax kalau org sekeliling ko macam......*SIGH*

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