Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Every dream has its meaning


Ok that is my first reaction after hearing that absurd thing. Well I started this post is because i had a nap just a couple of hours ago then somehow for some reasons it reminds me of my previous dream that i've dreamed during my nap time...too.

So yeah~ i didn't believe it at first until the event from my last dream and its meaning started to happen.

Aha! it's happening!

When was that? You can read it >HERE<

It's like the dream telling me to start believing it from that initial event of that dream, where is that?

The event where I'm on the back of -a truck until I'm being kicked off from that truck-, it means I'm rejected my bestfriend that i've befriended for 7 and a half years. Then suddenly after all that she said, "you have no real friend! you're a loner who always do stuffs on ur own" and blablabla >HERE<

I understand what she means by that, she's a popular person in our group after all; her name is like a password for 'that' group might i add. Then this just the only beginning to all of this so called DREAM, everyone in that group also started to reject me. Owh until then, I still not having some of the events in that dream yet...and I realized it now, it really is happening.

Should i start to believe in this weird fairytale?