Monday, July 12, 2010

Tomorrow would be like today

if i don't fix and change something...


I used to whine too much in some of my previous posts, thanks to all that- i can see it now that im no different than a spoiled brat. Well, sometimes i didn't realized that im acting like a jerkass woobie and talking big. I really felt guilty with all that, i wanna fix something everytoday and another today, or tomorrow would be like today and yesterday.

I'm sorry to all my friends if im annoying you and hurt yo feeling~ especially Carol.L, sy suka betul pndang rendah dan buat ko marah kan Carol.L? Sori bha~ Syok bha kasih kenakan ko haha! oki sori... o.o

I wanna be nicer but sometime our everyday stimuli in life makes it hard to be a nice person all the time. Mo jadi sederhana pun susah, apa lagi jadi orang yang btul2 baik? Patutlah si Lalaru from the future kata, "all the good people are 'dead'"

Well im just gonna keep with all my previous sucker posts, it's all in history now, and history is history; never forget the history or you might make another history's mistake in the future <--such a cliche.

-peace out-