Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm HOTTER than you are

Jacob! you win! but epic failed at the end..what the..

Oki today me and my pals just went to watched Twilight Eclipse movie at Centre Point, KK. Well before that, I got lost while searching for our meeting spot- From outside the building to the parking lot to the game arcade and lastly inside the elevator...

Twilight Eclipse, i would say it is better than the last two prequel movies (Twilight & New Moon). Why? as expected from my last movie review, i'm hoping for the character and plot development and yeah! They did it! Nice though.

At first I find Bella is super annoying but then after i watched this new movie, i feel like wanna pity on her- well she's just a confused teenager who wants to be loved and to love everyone, what's wrong with that? Owh I know! That just gonna make her seems so obsessive. So what if you're in her situation? What would you do then? There's only 3 options- 1.Make everyone yours, 2.Reject some of those ppl who love you, 3.Give up and just disappear.

Mannn...that's troublesome but who made this whole drama in the first place anyway? Sometimes ppl just have to play with their own psychology to make themselves in control but it's hard for some ppl, so yeah...

I just love how Bella tried to make the werewolf clan and the Cullens be good with each other, I like their new bonding now, Edward and Jacob rivalry is just EPIC.

Even though i don't really like the ending of this movie and it's not really that satisfying, and not everything is being revealed yet, i can still hoping for it in the next sequel; Twilight Breaking Dawn. i think that love can makes you go crazy, or in serious case, love can makes you evil. Overall i give it 7 out of 10.

Bella is still ridiculously annoy the hell outta me...

Today also was my first time eating in Philippine Theme restaurant, I ordered Tosilig- It really nice and yummy! i mean it! But not halal.


Peace Out