Sunday, January 3, 2010



Yea, just then my dad preaching in the car about an acquittance of his was scammed by the church after he invested RM80,000 to the church. All his money were..well GONE out of the blue(nah not rly). Well, I was kinda shocked, even a church can involve in an investment scandal lol wtf.

Then my dad started preaching about other related topic, and now it's about internet scammer, like someone send you an email or maybe lots and telling you about you will get this and that(or should I say 'spammer') and then at last telling you to give your bank account password..etc.

At that time, I was trying to express some of my opinions, but when I started just a couple of words then as usual he's censured me. Oki that's rly annoying but I have to silence eventually(dammit!). Here what he said:

Dad: SEMUA itu benda tipu jah tu! Saya uda kena banyak kali, nenek ko lagi teruk dikasih kena. (EVERYTHING are lies!! I've encounter all those shitz in numerous times now,ur granma was the worse one gets the result from this.)

Me: eeehh...bukan kamu pun termasuk juga kah tu, kasih kena org tua kamu sndri..?
(eeehh..u guys were involved in scamming to ur old man too didn't cha..?)

Dad: Itulah Tuhan tidak suruh berjudi, sama tidak adil juga klu seseorang tu cpat kaya tanpa brusaha pun, nda adil bg org lain.(that's why in God's word, thou shall not commit gambling)

Me: ohoho! yakah? jadi yang dadi slalu p bli nombor ekor kuda tu pa? bukan brjudi kah jua namanya tu? =O (ohoho! really? so what's with the jackpot you always buy then? is it not gamble you say? =O)

ALL: ..........................

Diam juga kamu akhirnya...