Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whatcha gonna do? huh?

It was such a nice day to run the school event called 'merentas desa' where students need to run at each Checkpoint provided, is that how we call it? well watever.

The event starts in the morning around 9am something, and before the event begins, of course there will be an assembly in the school and sing our national anthem. So! this is where it all starts.

There is this one student who's from nowhere wearing a BSM t-shirt, and starts dancing while everyone sing the national anthem. This kid is not even a BSM member and also at that time all the BSM members who are suppose to have duty during the 'merentas desa' thingy were stay at their own one place.

This one teacher saw this kid who's wearing the shirt dancing at that time, so then after the assembly thingy finished the teacher met up with the president of BSM in the school and told him that there's one of their member was dancing when the national anthem was being play. Of course the president will deny that's their member and telling the teacher that all his members were with him and stay in one place during that time.

Well, the teacher didn't care what his going to say and she even changed the topic and then she said, "pbsm teda guna!"

The president still haven't explained all what he's going to say at that time, and the teacher already judged them. She didn't even ask like who the hell is that kid? is that kid one of BSM member?

Still not enough with the judgment, she spread it all with the other teachers.

The perpetrator has gone, and all the blames are put on the president of Tobobon BSMM.