Thursday, January 28, 2010

haha! just for today~ XD

Just then, me and some of mah peeps were teaching some of the new members of BSM on how to march for the school sports day on 31st of January this year. I'm no more a high school student nyway, but they telling me to come to help them.

So yeah! and y'know what, it was a last day for training actually! so all of us gonna put all our best efforts on them(the new kids)! As usual i'm being the leader to teach them, the 2nd leader after the president though ;p

The president or the 1st leader seems like don't have confidence on how to discipline em, so i ask him, "have you ever scold em?"

He said not really...

So today will be their 1st day to be scold, and it was by an outsider(ME! dammit!) XD

They were kinda pissed by me, they were talking @#$% at my back after all those stuffs i did to em, i know cuz someone tell me, haha! i can see from their faces too! they were pissed off! XD

You know what, I DON'T CARE, i just came to teach n discipline you guys, it's not like i scold them every times, everywhere, and anywhere, if they did a good job, i praise em like hell! i was so happy and i mean it!

stop being a diva for just one day is hard meh?

GAWD DAMMIT! I missed my damn high school! T_T