Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Errggghh...this sux..seriously..

Yea..yea~...Me just started my first semester 3 class a week ago on Wednesday, woohooo!! I'm so happy that we're gonna study in that damn new building for this new semester~

That's the building I'm talking about >.>

But what I don't like about this, is that we have to cross the road which is kinda troublesome yet fun to me and maybe same goes for the rest of the students and lecturers. But, why the hell should I complaint about this? You want to study there! just cross the damn road which only takes for 1 minute..

But today, when I went to HTM(Hospitality & Tourism Marketing) class with some of my usual mates from last semester, my 1st reaction was like, "woohooo!! What the F**K man! seriously! not cool..not cool.."

Ok! It's too damn crowded in a damn class, there's even some students from other intake and course in that class and how the hell are we gonna study in that kind of atmosphere? mmmm...but still, me gonna keep my mind positive! Don't worry be happy, everyone knows that, the lecturer also said that he's gonna try divide the class into several groups.

agak2 lah pren. bha mo peace out lu ni jo!