Thursday, September 2, 2010


Being calm doesn't mean being a flat character.

I'm being quiet most of the time is not because i'm afraid to fight back or afraid of any conflict or anything that has to do with cowardliness, even though you think you're right and *insert name here* is wrong, but then again, what if that person also think that way? what's gonna happen then?

I used to fight back, i don't care who they are, and after that i learned from it that it's just gonna make things worse, then what is the best action then? Give in.

Let them do what they wanna do, just take care your own moral belief system.

Not everyone can do it, cuz it needs strong patience, high self-esteem, rationality, and a strong heart. If you can do it, you actually have won, so be proud.

Stubbornness, egoism, jealousy, all these bad traits can be manipulate into good use actually. For example, use your stubbornness to fight any bad influence. Use your egoism to be better and think bright everyday, and stop hating urself. You can use ur jealousy to improve urself (like egoism)

You see, not everything that is bad is only good at being bad. It's like negative and positive charge, anything in this world is like these two opposite counterparts, black and white, yin and yang, good and bad. Not everything will always gonna be good nor black, nothing will keep on being static or permanent.

So when your parents or anyone older nag at you, don't try to fight back, you know that's impolite. Just treat it as emotional challenge, to win it is by giving in.

It's gonna be hurt at first, it won't be hurt in the future. If you talk/fight back to them, it's gonna be hurt for a long period of time.

A little suffering is good for the soul.

Always remember that we are bad men living among bad men, and only one thing can calm us; we must agree to go easy on one another.