Saturday, September 4, 2010

Merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!

Bagi sy la kan, merdeka ni BELUM HABISHHH lagi.

I mean, 31st August is not really the real independent day, this independent date is only involving the Peninsular Malaysia(West Malaysia) not the whole Malaysia, 16th September is which both Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia merged where as we know it as the Federation of Malaysia.

What makes me sad is, most of the youngsters don't really care about this kinda stuff, it's like they just take it for granted, the old generations have tried so hard to make this country as an independent country, so please learn to be grateful lar.

What makes me sad even more is, i saw this one picture of this dude commented about one of the Malaysia's state in Borneo Malaysia, where i'm staying at and born at.

Oki...banyak dia tau

I mean dude c'mon lar~~ don't try to be westerner here, there's nothing wrong to stay at a place that is not so accommodate like where you used to stay at, what so good about being so MODERN and forget yourself? Our ancestors in the past can live in such hard environment but they didn't complain about it, at least it's not fully JUNGLE here right?

Even the Australians and other tourists know to love the wild nature.

Orang2 karas lol

Happy independent day everyone.


Gen Fujita said...
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Gen Fujita said...

31 Ogos - Merdeka
16 Sept - Hari Malaysia

Bukan satu isu 31 Ogos tu East Malaysia dah join ke belum. Kalau dirujuk sejarah Amerika, tarikh merdeka diorang 4th July, tapi pada masa tu pun cuma pantai timur Amerika je yang dah merdeka dari British, wilayah tengah dan barat masih bawah jajahan Sepanyol dan belum bersatu lagi seperti yang kita tahu sekarang. Kemerdekaan dengan penubuhan adalah dua benda berbeza.

The thing is, bukan tarikh tu yang sepatutnya jadi isu. Tapi apa yang penting adalah mentaliti kita sendiri.

-Virut- said...

thanks for dropping ur comment here, isu pasal tarikh ni pun bkn sy sorang sja yg brpikir mcm ni, most of the east malaysian think this way. By the way, i don't think this is such a big issue, it just a matter of opinion.

-Virut- said...

so my mentality is, im gonna think hari kemerdekaan Malaysia is from 31st August till 16th Sept hoho
mcm hr raya haha