Sunday, September 26, 2010


YASS! yesternight i mean yesterday's night was full of win moments between me and my dad...DAMN AGAIN with that old man!


It happened somewhere around 9pm - 10pm, i was reading some articles in the net during that time until my dad came home, i thought he wasn't drunk that time cuz usually if he's drunk he would come back home around in the midnight.

So i went and open the garage's gate outside obviously to let the car in, so then after i opened the gate, that car was like...


and gets into the garage without knowing i was still standing by the gate, and so i immediately ran towards the living room's door as fast as i could before that car run over me. I almost shit my pants that time.

*my cool has been cracked*


From that moment also i knew he was drunk. Me, still shivering tried so hard to get my ass back up, and ran into the kitchen.

and why the hell i ran to the kitchen for?


Then that old man also gets into the kitchen,

"KID! make me an omelet!"

"how many egg?"

"3 eggs, nah...gimme 4 la...*oik* JUZ GIMME 6 eggs i can finished em off"


Dad loves using strong dialect when speaking.

"GIMME 10 LAH!*"

"BAH BAH can bah if you!!", my thought.


a failed high-pitched voice of a cat is heard.

"KID! yo wanna kno wat? cat's meat is the most delicious thing ya would ever eat when it's cooked!"

"No thanks, and please don't shout at nigh-"

"BUT AGAIN!! many many meats ah! human's meat is the best! yo kno wat?? back before..."

"don't say it! don't say it!"

"where are mah eggs??!!"

"Down under your pants!!", almost about to say that.

Then he took out another drink from the fridge, it's called 'Tiger' and one is 'Heineken', check it in google if you don't know what's that.

Then he lights a cig, and asked me,

"do you smoke?"


"don't ever trya smoke ah kid!", while exhaling cig's smoke.


After a while. He then fell asleep on the kitchen floor. What i found cute is there were 3 kittens (teenage cat) sleeping on top of my dad's body; one was on the tummy, another one was on dad's 'thing', and one was near the groin.