Saturday, August 14, 2010

I don't need drugs to start hallucinating

aahh...syok pla sy lihat anak2 kucing ni bermain pastu melompat keatas paha sy dan *SHRRRRREEEETTTTTT*.......

oki that's hurt.

Smua ni anak kucing gumuk2, tapi mama dia, pnya main licak tu susu perut dia.

Stiap kali sy lihat bnda yg sekecil sekejap sedikit mcam gini ja, benda macam ni lah yang tolong redakan bad mood sy.

Recently, I start hallucinating many things; i see something painting on the wall and it's alive. Oki now i started talking weird stuff here, but had you guys ever experienced things like that? like hearing things, seeing numbers and weird symbols and painting when you're in a state of awake? It's not like im taking any drugs before. it just FUCKING happen!!

owh well, im in a very bad mood swing since that time, i think my head is about to explode with all those so many thoughts right now.

FUCK IT!! @$#%$%^&^*^%%$@#@#