Sunday, June 6, 2010

owh my! For the love of God!...

It's been a while now since the bulletin that has been broadcast in Malaysia is all about humanity and war that is happening in Gaza and shits in Israel.

You know what? I find some of the volunteers who have been interviewed by the reporter and some Malaysian journalist and freelancers commenter are really hypocrite! It makes me think like,

"What the fuck are you guys thinking?"

I don't think they went helping those poor Palestine people for the sake of love or humanity at all! They went there is only because THEY ARE ON THEIR SIDE!

For the love of God! Do you think I'm in anyone side? Think openly! I don't think all those Israel people are evil, that's too GENERAL.

Good or Evil? or 'BLACK and WHITE MORALITY'? I don't believe in that anymore, all I see what is happening are more like 'BLACK and GRAY MORALITY', way more opposite than 'GRAY and GRAY MORALITY'. People do something is not because they think it's evil or good, it's because it's for the sake of their own PRIDE! or in other word, SELF-SATISFACTION!

It's something what they believe in themselves. When the more people whom have the same thought as this kind of people, that is where all are accumulated into 1 and become a strong mind concept. Then topple down the minority whom have different thought or opinion.

Understand? if not, try to not put yourself on anyone side.

You know what? God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just.

Kalo ko ahli BSMM, ko tau la maksud sy.